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Embarking on the Transfer Journey (Without Losing Your Sanity)

Wingspan, Fall 2023

Transferring from a community college to a four-year institution can be a confusing process at times. Luckily, at AACC we set our students up for success where you can effectively transfer credits and continue your educational ambitions after leaving our classrooms.

One key opportunity at AACC is our transfer partnerships. We have established partnerships with dozens of four-year colleges. From the University System of Maryland schools to other renowned institutions, you can step confidently into your desired four-year college with a solid academic foundation and the ability to pick up and move forward.

Within these partnerships we have formal transfer agreements for many of our programs that provide a clear roadmap, outlining course pathways tailored to your intended transfer institution. Whether you dream of studying psychology at Towson, cybersecurity at UMGC or photography at MICA, we have agreements that can make it happen.

AACC has an army of experienced advisors dedicated to guiding you on your transfer journey. They are passionate experts, armed with a treasure trove of knowledge about various institutions  and their transfer requirements. They will help you navigate the applications, scholarships and milestones, ensuring that you can successfully navigate your transfer pathway.