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Affording Your Academic Adventure By Using Tuition Assistance

Wingspan, Fall 2022

Are you wondering how you can afford to pursue an associate degree or workforce development certificate at AACC? AACC's private scholarship program, funded through charitable contributions to the AACC Foundation, is one great way to make your academic dreams a reality.

About 700 AACC students receive approximately $1 million in private scholarships every year!

Tuition assistance through AACC’s private scholarship program is a great option whether you have financial need or are seeking financial support to pursue your area of study. You don’t have to be an “A” student to be eligible for many of these scholarships, and there is just one application to complete to be considered for all private scholarships at AACC.

Students who have been awarded scholarships frequently write letters of gratitude to AACC Foundation donors expressing feelings of relief and support. Modou, a first-generation college student studying computer science at AACC, is a recipient of the recently established SIXGEN Scholarship. He reflected on the opportunity the scholarship provided him as he works to finish his degree and start his career.

"The generosity of the scholarship donor encourages me, as I know that they care about my education,” he said. “This scholarship is going to help me have a brighter future as I study computer science. One day, I would also like to be able to give back this kindness to the community.”

Bedelina, who received the Annapolis Triathlon Club Scholarship, shared how her scholarship gave her the confidence she needed to pursue her dreams of becoming a physical therapist.

“Receiving this scholarship makes me see that I have the potential to accomplish my dreams of becoming a physical therapist,” she said. “It gives me the courage and determination to keep working hard to make my dream a reality. While attending Anne Arundel Community College, I have met the kindest staff members who have helped me set up my academic plan and be more specific with what I want out of my college experience.

”With many students funding their own education, scholarship support can help improve their academic standing by reducing the stress associated with managing how to afford their education.

“Scholarships play a vital role in helping students achieve their goals,” said Holly Cole, AACC Foundation donor relations and scholarship specialist. “The impact of a scholarship is more than just opening a door to higher education. Scholarships make it possible for students to focus more energy on completing their program of study and launching into careers that will support their dreams for the future.”

The AACC Foundation is deeply grateful for the support from donors who help support scholarships, thus strengthening the community. Donors with questions about scholarship funds should contact Holly Cole at Students can apply for a private scholarship on our scholarships page.

The AACC Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that partners with donors and the college to increase access to higher education in our community through student scholarships and strategic initiatives that would otherwise not be possible.


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