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Veteran's Student President

Shanelle Jones stands in front of the U.S. and armed forces flags.
Wingspan, Spring 2019

As a former petty officer second class in the U.S. Navy, Shanelle Jones might have gravitated toward AACC’s Military/Veteran Resource Center (MVRC) right away. It wasn’t until a friend recommended the MVRC, though, that she discovered a community of fellow student-veterans. Jones quickly became a passionate advocate for the group, promoting its activities and services.

As AACC’s chapter president of Student Veterans of America, Jones works to make sure student-veterans feel welcome, supported and encouraged from their first experiences at AACC. “It’s hard to go far without help,” she said. “‘Self-made doesn’t exist. You can’t thrive without a community.”

From class recommendations to making sure students have access to financial and emotional support, everyone involved with the MVRC helps military and veteran students in any way they can. “We really look out for each other here,” Jones said. “We’re about keeping vets in school and engaged.”


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