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AACC Names Faculty and Staff Diversity Champions

Aug. 28, 2020

Anne Arundel Community College named Reginald Stroble and Richard Otten, Ph.D., as the respective staff and faculty winners of the 2020 Diversity Champion Award. The winners, announced during the Aug. 18 virtual fall convocation, embody the college’s values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Diversity focuses on bringing everyone to the table, equity and inclusion focus on making sure that everyone has an equal seat at that same table,” said Stroble, assistant director of the Student Success and Achievement Program. “I encourage others to listen and if you are in a position of power, advocate for the powerless.”

Stroble is a passionate advocate for students both in the classroom and during the transfer process to other colleges. He focuses on strategies to help all students achieve their goals, no matter their circumstances. For example, last February, Stroble organized the Black Male Summit, a half-day workshop for students to listen to speakers and share their stories on the theme of “Redefining Black Masculinity.”

Similarly, Otten has coordinated AACC’s Coming Out Week for the past five years. Otten, an adjunct faculty member in American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies, is a tireless activist for social justice at AACC and in the community. He also attends colleagues' diversity events and sends his classes there as well.

“I hope that people might see me as an example that to be more inclusive is really not that hard.” Otten said. “To be inclusive, we must do what we can to disrupt those imbalances of power. These intentional actions make the world more livable for everyone.”

The winners were selected by AACC’s Diversity Committee, which looked for nominees who consistently promote an inclusive campus community and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to diversity. The award has been presented annually since 2018.


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