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76 Nurses Graduate AACC

Nursing graduates recite the Nightengale Pledge.

Dec. 17, 2021

Anne Arundel Community College celebrated a new class of nurses in a pinning ceremony on Dec. 17. Assistant Dean of Nursing Scott Olden and Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society Chapter President Meg Hamilton spoke during the event.

“You are here not by chance, but by hard work,” Olden said. “You are here because you put and have put your whole selves into this, and that is what it has taken for you to be at this point in your life and in your career.”

The 76 graduates qualified for an Associate of Science in Nursing and are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The associate degree program is ranked the best in the northeast region in 2021 by based on academic quality, NCLEX-RN pass rates, the nursing school’s reputation and affordability.

“I hope you remember even on your hardest days that as nurses we really truly do hold the power to touch lives,” Hamilton said. “This responsibility puts us in a position of becoming great advocates and champions for our communities and our patients.”

The 2021 graduates are:

  • Kayla Agree
  • Ingrid Albaugh
  • Bonnie Aman
  • Victoria Austin
  • Brandon Avrett
  • Melbourne Bottorff
  • Cambel Carberry
  • Melissa Bladen
  • Shelby Conner
  • Madelynne Depaul
  • Kristina Dick
  • Kristen Dolbow
  • Martaysha Dorsey
  • Tara Duncan
  • Nolan Empeno
  • Christine Everett
  • Ciera Fuller
  • Rachel (Ell) Gallagher
  • Ian Gamboa
  • Nancy Gamez
  • Endia Gross
  • Kamryn Hamby
  • Megan (Meg) Hamilton
  • Whitney Hamilton
  • Amy Hanou
  • Ke’Onya Hebron-Walker
  • Diane Hiamdjeu-Monthe
  • Allison Howard
  • Josie Huynh
  • Lyndsi Jackson
  • Sarah Jennings
  • Elisabeth Kaboui
  • Caroline Kim
  • Hannah King
  • Mackenzie Knox
  • Lisa Ladd
  • Shelley Lamartin
  • Tosin Lawal
  • Alice Ledezma
  • Philesha Lewis
  • Stephanie Lindholm
  • Christina Lopez
  • Cassandra Lowery
  • Hannah Madden
  • Zachary Matty
  • Denise Medina-Justo
  • Katelyn Melvin
  • Stephanie Menjivar
  • Michael Mossburg
  • Caroline Noyola
  • Skylar Nuthall
  • Lakeyia Parker
  • Piyaporn (KK) Ponsuksai
  • Rodrigo Posada
  • Chrysta Prevo
  • Kellyanne Quick
  • Starla Ramsey
  • Amy Regier
  • Latoya Roland
  • Stacy Scalley
  • Hannah Schilke
  • Camryn Shanahan
  • Dominique Sharps
  • Jennifer Simmons
  • Jamie Sminkey
  • Geena Smiroldo
  • Tamara Smith
  • Leann Southworth
  • Glynnis Starks
  • Catherine Swinney
  • Mary Townshead
  • Christalyn Trimilove
  • Shannon Weaver
  • Kaitlynn Warner
  • Suzanne Wiese
  • Maral Yazdanyar

View the ceremony on the college’s YouTube channel.

Learn about the Nursing program.

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