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All accepted applicants to the School of Health Sciences are required to complete a criminal background check.

The EMT Intermediate and Paramedic programs also require urine drug screening as part of the admissions process.

Note: AACC has the right, upon notice and at any time, to require a student in any and all programs to comply with drug screening.

Instructions for completing required screening will be included with your acceptance letter. Your acceptance is conditional and will depend on the results of your background check and drug screening (if required). If an accepted applicant or student tests positive for an illegal or unprescribed drug, that individual will be denied admission or terminated from any health sciences program.

Separate criminal background checks and urine drug screens may be required by clinical sites prior to placement. Students denied by a clinical site that is a required component of their program will be dismissed from the program and their registration withdrawn from courses related to that program. If the student tests positive for an illegal or unprescribed drug, the student will be denied admission or terminated from any Health Sciences program even if a denied placement was not required to meet program competencies.

Successful reports of criminal background checks and urine drug screens do not ensure eligibility for specific clinical site placement, program completion, and/or eligibility to sit for professional licensure/board examinations.

You should remember that licensing boards for certain health care professions may deny, suspend or revoke a license, or may deny an individual the opportunity to sit for an examination if it is determined that an applicant has a criminal history or has been convicted of, or pleads guilty to, or pleads nolo contendere or the like to a felony or other serious crime.

Successful completion of a Health Sciences program of study at Anne Arundel Community College does not guarantee licensure, the opportunity to sit for a licensure examination, certification or employment in the relevant health care occupation.

Students may be denied admission automatically or, if enrolled, dismissed from the program if they have not been truthful or have provided inaccurate information on the application or on any other form or submission. Students who have questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the Health Sciences Admissions office at  

NOTE: AACC will accept criminal background checks and drug screens performed by a college-approved vendor only. Criminal background checks are completed online and must be paid for by the student. Information and instructions will be given to applicants once accepted.


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