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Everyone needs help from time to time and AACC stands ready to assist to students who may be facing financial crisis. Our financial aid officers will help you navigate through social and community services. Short-term issues may be addressed through AACC’s food pantry, or Helplink, a source of grant money for which students in need can apply.

Emergency Funds

If you are struggling with debilitating financial circumstances, please apply for a Helplink Grant and receive up to $300 of emergency funds in a single academic year.

Food Pantry

Stop by SUN 225 to see what foods and snacks are available.

Financial Aid

If you are homeless or in foster care, you may qualify for special tuition waivers, but regardless of your living status, please consult with a member of our financial aid team.

Mental and Physical Health Services

If you’re struggling financially while going to school, you may be experiencing mental and physical stress. Please schedule an appointment with one of our personal counselors and introduce yourself to Beth Mays in our Health & Wellness Center in Arnold.


We’re here to help.

Office of the Dean of Student Engagement

Tiffany Boykin


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