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After registering for your approved course(s), present your completed Early College Access Program (ECAP) application to the Cashier’s office along with payment. A new ECAP form is required every term.

Payment Plan

Full payment is preferred but not required. Students may participate in AACC’s payment plan. If a payment is not received within six days of the scheduled due dates, a $10 late fee will be assessed on the seventh day for each due date.

Learn more about payment plans.

Accepted Payment Types

We accept credit cards, checks and money order, but receipt of cash is limited, so be sure to check the most current information about our methods of payment.

Learn more about accepted payment types.

Avoid Being Dropped Due to Nonpayment

Initial payment is required approximately three days from time of registration or the student will be dropped from the course. Remember, having a completed ECAP form will not prevent you from being dropped from a course. Only full payment will secure your seat in class.

Students Qualifying for Free and Reduced Meals

Students who qualify for Free and Reduced Meals (FARM) DO NOT pay any tuition but must pay the registration fee, general student fees and any applicable lab fees. Students who wish to change or add a course once the ECAP form has been submitted must complete a new form indicating the new course.

Early College Access Grant

Students who can demonstrate financial need may apply for a $200 grant to help pay for the registration fees, general student fees, lab fees and remaining 50 percent tuition. Simply submit the Early College Access Grant application at least three weeks before registering in order to ensure enough time for processing. Grant money is limited and distributed on a first- come, first served basis to qualified applicants. Students approved for an Early College Access grant in the fall need not reapply for spring.

Download the Early College Access Grant Application.


All AACC students, including those receiving discounted tuition through ECAP, are provided access to MyAACC. It is important that you complete setting up this account. It is how you will conduct business with AACC, access your grades and more!

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