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Student high-fiving AACC mascot, Swoop.
Anne Arundel Community College offers many opportunities for high school students who want to get a jump start on their college education. 

Early College Access Program

The Early College Access Program (ECAP) allows you to take an AACC course while you’re a high school student and receive a 50 percent tuition reduction. Some AACC courses are even taught at select high schools during the school day.

Learn more about ECAP and the various opportunities at your specific high school.

Dual Credit

Some AACC courses are dual credit, awarding both college and high school credit to the student. Dual credit must be preapproved by Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS).

View the current AACPS dual credit list.

Advanced Placement Credit

Successfully complete an exam for a specially-designed high school advanced placement course.

Review our AP credit college transfer comparison.

Proficiency Credit

AACC has partnered with AACPS to identify high school programs aligned with our college course(s). If you are an AACPS student who successfully completes one or more of these programs, you can take the AACC college proficiency assessment right in your high school at no cost. Pass the proficiency assessment with a grade of C or better and your assessment score will be the grade for the AACC course on your college transcript. Grades below a C will not be reflected on your AACC transcript.

What do you have to lose?

For more information on proficiency credit opportunities, contact Judy Wilson, coordinator, Instructional Pathways and Partnerships - Secondary, at

Learn how to apply for proficiency credit.

Articulated Credit

AACC and AACPS have also partnered to create opportunities to earn articulated college credit. Legal articulation agreements detail how students enrolled in identified AACPS high school pathways, can become eligible to received free articulated AACC credit. Students must meet all the academic requirements and enrollment guidelines outlined in the articulation agreements and the AACPS High School Program of Study booklet. All tuition and related fees for articulated credits will be waived for those students meeting the requirements.

For information on articulated credit opportunities while in high school, contact Judy Wilson, coordinator, Instructional Pathways and Partnerships - Secondary, at

For a list of services available to all AACC students, visit our Student Services page.