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Consider getting a jump start on college by knocking out a general education credit or exploring a course in your desired field.

While in high school, you’ll be able to take classes for free and get your feet wet on what college courses are like. Remember, though, your grade is part of your college transcript, so choose wisely and apply yourself! We recommend working with your admissions advisor to pick out the right classes for you. 

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AACC Courses at North County High School

Juniors, start now and earn a college certificate at your high school! While you can take any classes that you are eligible for at any of our locations, the pathway below offers some courses on location at North County High School!

Students who meet eligibility requirements and successfully complete the courses below will earn an AACC certificate in Transportation, Logistics and Cargo Security. Talk with your school counselor or signature teacher to see if this pathway is a good fit for you.

Fall, junior year:

  • BPA-235 – Introduction to Transportation and Logistics 

Spring, junior year:

  • BPA-237 – Supply Chain Management

Prior to end of first term senior year (through proficiency credit):

  • BPA-275 – Internship in Business 1

Fall, senior year:

Offered at the Glen Burnie Town Center

  • HLS-213 – Transportation and Border Security
  • BPA-236 – Introduction to Airport and Seaport Operations

Spring, senior year:

Offered at the Glen Burnie Town Center

  • BPA-238 – Domestic and International Freight Operations

In addition, the following general education courses will be offered on location at North County High School:

Fall term: 

  • PSY-111 – Introduction to Psychology

Spring term: 

  • COM-111 – Fundamentals of Oral Communication

Earn College Credit at CAT-South

Students attending the Center for Applied Technology-South (CAT-South) can earn college credits by enrolling in selected Career Technology Education (CTE) programs. You then just need to successfully complete your CAT- South program, and earn a C or better on the AACC college proficiency assessment(s). Grades below C will not be reflected on your AACC college transcript. 

More Opportunities at North County

You can earn proficiency credit by completing this CTE program at North County High School:

Food and Beverage Management: ProStart

The ProStart program introduces high school students to a variety of careers within the restaurant, food service and hospitality industry. Students will study and practice professional food preparation, preparation of international cuisines, food safety and sanitation, customer service relations, accounting, cost control and marketing, and will receive an introduction to aspects of lodging management. Students will follow the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation industry standard curriculum with the potential to earn a ProStart and ServSafe certification.

For information, contact your high school counselor or email Judy Wilson, coordinator, Instructional Pathways and Partnerships, Secondary, at


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Onsite Advising

North County High School has an AACC College Transition Advisor onsite!

Robert Latham
AACC College Transition Advisor
North County High School 

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