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Adjusting to college life while still in high school can be a tricky task. We've provided resources below to assist you in this transition and make sure your college experience is a successful one. 

You can find additional videos to help you along the way on our YouTube page.

ECAP Experience

Meet AACC student Sparsh Verma and learn about her experience taking college classes while still in high school as part of the ECAP program.

Secrets for Success

Unlock secrets to your success as an ECAP student by checking out the video above from Assistant Dean Lori Perez, Ph.D., who lays out faculty expectations and tips to hold onto before entering the classroom. 

Course Selection

Find the right course for you! Check out the video above from director of admissions, Cassandra Moore, as she recommends courses you can take as an ECAP student. 


Get a Jump Start on College

How-to Guide

Here are some guides to help you with a few of our processes!