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Tutoring session with male and female students

At AACC, we are committed to your success, which is why we offer a wealth of tutoring and related support services for you. We encourage you to take advantage of the full-time tutoring faculty, adjuncts, peer tutors, study groups, computer labs and online support at your disposal that can help you master the basics as well as increasingly complex coursework.

If you need some quiet space to concentrate, or if you prefer to work with a group, there are rooms in the library and throughout the Arnold campus to team up with classmates. While some tutoring options offer general guidance, others are intended for specific areas of study, such as math, English, reading and science. Don’t forget to meet with your instructor on a regular basis, connect with an advisor and/or take advantage of one of our many tutoring options.

Bottom line, if you want a head start in your studies or if you are struggling in a specific course, the sooner you tap into these resources, the faster we can get you back on track and help you stay there.

Business and Accounting

Students enrolled in accounting, business statistics, and economics can attend open lab tutoring sessions in Careers Center Building Room 264 at the following times:

Monday and Wednesday
3:30-9 p.m.

10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
3-9 p.m.

10 a.m.-6 p.m.

10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Computer Technology

Students enrolled in computer sciences, computer information, cybersecurity and digital forensics courses can attend faculty-led tutoring sessions in the Center for Applied Learning and Technology through the School of Science and Technology. The Computer Technology Tutoring Lab Schedule changes each term and will be available soon.


Engineering students can receive tutoring from the Engineering department faculty each Friday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Center for Applied Learning and Technology Room 350. Extra help in Electronics Engineering Technology, Mechatronics and Math are also available from the EET/Mechatronics Tutoring Lab. Download a schedule for availability.



Professional tutors provide math assistance in a non-appointment, open lab setting in the Truxal Library Room 102 and AACC at Arundel Mills Room 206.  The Arnold Math Lab Schedule and the Arundel Mills Math Lab Schedule changes each term.

Students taking a developmental math class (course number begins with 0 such as MAT 010) can take advantage of the Math First Tutoring Lab in Careers Center Building Room 190 and Arundel Mills Room 206.

Students participating in the Student Achievement and Success Program (SASP) or First Year Experience can receive faculty-led math tutoring at the SASP lab in Library Room 104.


The Academic Literacies Lab can help you understand more of what you read and so much more. Our tutors will:

  • Provide you strategies to improve your reading comprehension and critical thinking.
  • Give you tips for better organizing your work and managing your time.
  • Review your written responses to readings and help you edit your own work.

The labs are free to all registered credit and noncredit students. Come prepared with your literature, assignment, grading rubric and rough draft. 

Download the Academic Literacies Lab Schedule.
LBRY 108



Students enrolled in science classes can benefit from a variety of tutoring opportunities.

Science Tutoring Center: Face-to-face faculty tutoring from the School of Science & Technology located in Dragun Science Building Room 5, refer to the following schedule for specific days, times and subjects for the current semester.

Anatomy and Physiology Open Lab: Get help from faculty and interact with anatomical models, refer to the following schedule and for specific days and times for the current semester.

Online Faculty Tutoring in Biology: Refer to the BIO_TUTORING group in Canvas for semester-specific information.

Faculty Review Sessions in CHE111 and 112: Refer to the CHE_TUTORING group in Canvas for semester-specific information. 

Supplemental Instruction

Study session led by student leaders trained in this internationally-recognized program offered through the School of Science and Technology, refer to the Supplemental Instruction page for more information and a schedule for the current semester. 

Face-to-Face Tutoring

Non-appointment, open lab tutoring is available for students in biology, chemistry, and physics from professional and peer tutors in Careers Center Building Room 264, refer to the following schedule for specific days, times and subjects. 


  • Faculty consult with students for 30 minutes at the Writing Center during walk-in hours at the Library in Room 136 and Arundel Mills Room 204.
  • Any student also has the option to make an appointment for a real-time online writing consultation with a faculty member from the Virtual Writing Center.

Additional Resources

Study Halls and Computer Labs

  • Students participating in the Student Achievement and Success Program or First Year Experience can study at the SASP lab in the Library or AACC at Arundel Mills on the following schedule.
  • AACC athletes can study together in the Gym. Contact athletic director, Duane Herr at for details.
  • Need access to a desktop computer or laptop? Stop by one of our many computer labs.


We’re happy to help.

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Online Tutoring

Did you know AACC students can access tutoring online? 

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