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Student attends class from home.

Connect with other classmates by creating your own virtual study group! 

Virtual study groups consist of several classmates connecting remotely outside of class to support success in classes. These groups can connect using a preferred video conferencing tool or online collaborative space. Virtual study groups are an awesome opportunity to boost your learning and understand new or challenging course concepts with other students. 

Take the opportunity to meet your fellow classmates! Along with providing social connections in the comfort of your home, having your own group can motivate you to stay on track with your studies and avoid last minute cramming. 

Tips for creating a virtual study group

Who do I invite?

Anyone who would like to join! Start by sending a message in Canvas to invite your fellow classmates to join your study group. Not sure who to contact? Reach out to your instructor for assistance. When forming your group, we'd recommend having three to five members for maximum effectiveness.

Once you have your group, either volunteer or have a fellow team member set up the first meeting. Use that  first meeting to collectively develop flexible ground rules for your group that will encourage a respectful and inclusive shared space.  

When should I meet with my group?

Try to meet with your group the same day and time each week to develop a routine. Try to keep the session time at one hour with a 10-minute break in between.

It may be difficult to find a time that works for everyone each week. You can use collaborative online tools and group chats to stay connected when you’re unable to coordinate schedules. 

How do I meet with my group?

There are plenty of apps that allow you to meet online. Choose a commonly used platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams that your group members are likely to be able to access easily.

You may also consider using apps like Discord or Slack to allow group members to communicate throughout the week. No matter what apps that you use, be sure to investigate their privacy, security policies and features. Most apps will provide this information on their website.