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Consider getting a jump start on college by knocking out a general education credit or exploring a course in your desired field.

You’ll save 50 percent on tuition and get your feet wet on what college courses are like. Remember though, your grade is part of your college transcript, so choose wisely and apply yourself!

AACC Courses at South River

If you're a high school senior, you can earn college credit with the following courses right at your school! Ask your high school counselor for details about dual enrollment - an exciting opportunity to earn AACC college credit.

Fall term

  • COM 111 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication (ENG 101/101A eligibility strongly recommended)
  • LGS 100 - Introduction to Law (ENG 101/101A eligibility required)

Spring term

  • BPA 111 - Business and Its Environment (ENG 101/101A eligibility recommended)
  • HEA 111 - Personal and Community Health (no prerequisite)

Earn College Credit at CAT-South

Students attending the Center for Applied Technology-South (CAT-South) can earn college credits by enrolling in selected Career Technology Education (CTE) programs. You then just need to successfully complete your CAT- South program, and earn a C or better on the AACC college proficiency assessment(s). Grades below C will not be reflected on your AACC college transcript. 

More Opportunities at South River

You can earn articulated college credit by completing one of the following CTE programs at South River High School. 

  • Business Management
  • Database Academy - Oracle
  • Food & Beverage Management - ProStart
  • Project Lead the Way - Electronic Engineering Technologies
  • Project Lead the Way - Engineering Transfer

For information contact your high school counselor or Judy Wilson, coordinator, Instructional Pathways and Partnerships - Secondary, at

AACC On-Site Advisor

As a South River student, you not only have access to your high school counselors and receive regular college visits from an AACC admissions advisor, but you can discuss your career and education goals with AACC Transition Advisor, Diane Bennett, whether or not you plan to attend AACC. Contact Diane Bennett at



We’re here to help.

Admissions & Enrollment Development
AACC Admissions Advisor

Michaela Knowles


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Onsite Advising

South River High School has an AACC College Transition Advisor onsite!

Diane Bennett
AACC College Transition Advisor
South River High School

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