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Consider getting a jump start on college by knocking out a general education credit or exploring a course in your desired field.

You’ll take classes for free and get your feet wet on what college courses are like. Remember though, your grade is part of your college transcript, so choose wisely and apply yourself!

Earn College Credit at CAT-South

Did you know that many of CAT-South’s career technology education (CTE) programs are aligned with AACC credit courses and provide students opportunities to earn college credit while in high school? Check with the counselor at your high school or contact Alison Pastine, 410-956-5900 ext 2060 to find out more about AACC proficiency credit opportunities.

Participating CTE Programs at CAT-S

Career Technology Program AACC Credit Coursework
Academy of Health Professions

MDA-113 Medical Terminology 3 credits


ACH-121 Construction Technology 1

3 credits

Interactive Media Productions

ART-106 Digital Design 3 credits
Portfolio Review Required

IT Networking Academy (Cisco)

CTS-130 Networking 1 4 credits

CTS-131 Networking 2 4 credits

CTS-230 Networking 3 4 credits

CTS-231 Networking 4 4 credits


IT Networking Academy students can earn up to 15 credits that can be applied to a credit certificate in cyber technology!

More Opportunities at CAT-South

You can earn articulated college credit by completing the following CTE program at CAT-South. 

  • Culinary Arts (ACF) - statewide agreement

For information contact your high school counselor or Judy Wilson, coordinator, Instructional Pathways and Partnerships - Secondary, at


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