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AACC awards college credit for advanced placement exam scores that are 3 or higher depending on the course.

AP exams usually are administered at the end of an advanced placement course taken at a student’s high school.  If you wish to share your AP score reports with AACC, you must ask the College Board to send them directly to AACC Records and Registration.

Exams are scored on a five-point scale backed by research that correlates AP Exam scores to the performance of college students in comparable college courses. Many colleges and universities grant credit for scores of 3 and above.

Learn more about AP courses, exams and the College Board.


Consult the AACC College Catalog to see how your Advanced Placement scores equate. Because each college sets its own policy on required AP scores and credits awarded, students planning to transfer need to consult with their transfer institution. AACC will award credit based on the AP exams and minimum scores listed in the College Catalog.


Students must have official Advanced Placement score reports sent to the records and registration office directly from the College Board. Student grade reports are not accepted for credit, but may be used for placement or waiver of course prerequisites at time of registration. To request an official AP score report be sent to AACC, visit the AP Score website.