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Consider getting a jump start on college by knocking out a general education credit or exploring a course in your desired field.

You’ll take classes for free and get your feet wet on what college courses are like. Remember though, your grade is part of your college transcript, so choose wisely and apply yourself!

AACC Courses at Meade High School

Did you know you can earn AACC credit by taking courses on-location at Meade High School, beginning a pathway to an associate degree in Homeland Security Management?

Meade High School’s signature focus on homeland security is a great fit with AACC’s Homeland Security and Criminal Justice programs! AACC is offering on-location dual enrollment offerings at your high school. Ask your high school counselor for details regarding these exciting opportunities.

Prior to spring junior year

  • Students completing the Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness program at their high school who successfully complete an AACC proficiency assessment, earn 3 college proficiency credits for HLS-111  Introduction to Homeland Security.

Spring junior year

  • ACA-100 – Student Success Seminar 
  • SOC-111 – Introduction to Sociology (ENG-101/101A eligibility required)
  • CJS-111 – Introduction to  Criminal Justice

Fall senior year

  • GEO-102 – World Regional Geography (ENG-101/101A eligibility required)
  • HLS-211 – Intelligence Analysis and Security Management (prerequisite: HLS-111 or permission of director)

Spring senior year

  • CJS-206 – Cybercrime
  • CJS-260 – Terrorism/Counterterrorism

Note: AACC courses and course prerequisites are subject to change. See AACC College Catalog to confirm requirements.


Cancellation of sections may occur if there are issues with instructor availability, if minimum enrollments are not met, or due to other factors as outlined in the AACC Dual Enrollment MOU Addendum.

AACC will have the option of offering online courses, in lieu of on-location courses at AACPS high schools, at any time, including in times of instructor shortages and while the local, state or federal government have determined there is a public health emergency. 

Earn College Credit at CAT-South

Students attending the Center for Applied Technology-South (CAT-South) can earn college credits by enrolling in selected Career Technology Education (CTE) programs. You then just need to successfully complete your CAT- South program, and earn a C or better on the AACC college proficiency assessment(s). Grades below C will not be reflected on your AACC college transcript. 


More Opportunities at Meade

You can earn articulated college credit by completing one of the following CTE programs at Meade High School. 

  • Project Lead the Way - Electronic Engineering Technologies
  • Project Lead the Way - Engineering Transfer

You can earn proficiency credit by completing this CTE program at Meade High School:

  • Food and Beverage Management: ProStart. The ProStart program introduces high school students to a variety of careers within the restaurant, food service and hospitality industry. Students will study and practice professional food preparation, preparation of international cuisines, food safety and sanitation, customer service relations, accounting, cost control, marketing, and an introduction to aspects of lodging management.

For information contact your high school counselor or email Judy Wilson, coordinator, Instructional Pathways and Partnerships - Secondary, at


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