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Kymberly Jackson, J.D.

Associate Professor 
Legal Studies Institute 
School of Business and Law 


Juris Doctorate 
Georgetown University Law Center 

Bachelor of Science 
Marketing, with a minor in English 
Georgetown University 


  • Long walks 
  • Yoga 
  • Mystery novels 
  • Movies 
  • Afternoon tea 
  • Her three yorkies  

A Little More 

Kymberly Jackson has a favorite quote by American author and social activist bell hooks: “The classroom, with all its limitations, remains a location of possibility.” 

The possibilities that arise from education are one of the main reasons Jackson went into teaching. Her mother was the first person in her family to earn a college degree. On her father’s side, Jackson is part of the fourth generation to earn a college degree and the third to earn an advanced degree.  

“That means that my great-great-grandfather, whose parents were born into enslavement, overcame tremendous odds, all for the sake of education,” she said. “With each generation of education, my family became more confident and more prosperous.” 

As a former federal prosecutor, Jackson saw firsthand how the lack of education and opportunities can create a “paralyzing sense of desperation and hopelessness” that can lead to criminal conduct.  

“After 25 years of litigating cases and advocating for my clients, and 10 years of reading presentence reports, I realized that phase of my life had run its course,” she explained. “I decided that I wanted to use my law degree to build people up, to share with others the legacy of knowledge that my parents, grandparents and other ancestors shared with me and to hopefully play a significant role in fostering the same confidence and prosperity in my students that was planned for me over 100 years ago.”

Jackson has taught law and ethics at AACC full time since 2018. She said she is honored to be part of the knowledge journey her students embark upon and is inspired by AACC students’ courage, ambition and resilience.  

“Second only to my daughter, family and circle of close friends, I consider myself a faithful advocate of social justice. As an extension of that, I am passionate about contributing to excellence in education and empowerment through knowledge.” 


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