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Scott Cooper

World Languages
School of Liberal Arts


Master of Arts
St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute

Master of Arts
Francophone Studies and Spanish
University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Bachelor of Arts
Spanish and Music
Heidelberg College

Doctoral-level coursework
Spanish and Portuguese
Tulane University


  • Going to the movies
  • Travel
  • Playing the bassoon

A Little More

Language learning has been a lifelong passion for Scott Cooper. He began learning Spanish at 8 when his great-aunt gave him a set of "Living Spanish" vinyl records. Many trips to the public library over the years added to his knowledge and he blossomed into the multilingual language nerd that he is today. Did you know that Spanish shares 89% of its vocabulary with Portuguese?

Cooper teaches Spanish and French at AACC and has taught Italian and Portuguese as well. In addition to Latin American and Francophone literatures, he is particularly interested in second language acquisition and bilingualism, with a focus on the topics of vocabulary development and Spanish-speakers learning other Romance languages.

When he's not reading cookbooks, going to the movies or planning his next overseas adventure, Cooper focuses on his doctorate. He plans to earn his Ph.D. in education from Notre Dame of Maryland University after defending his dissertation on bilingual education in 19th century Baltimore.

He is also the principal bassoonist for the AACC Symphony Orchestra and Opera AACC.


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