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Abby Maloney

Shining Bright

In high school they preached graduating, going to a four-year university then getting a job. Community college was never on my radar. I did wind up going to a four-year college and it did not work out; I felt more like a number than a student. I decided to come home and enroll in community college. I wanted to continue my education because I knew if I stopped I probably would not go back.

At first I came to school, did what I had to do and went home. It all changed when a professor pulled me into the Hatchery. I had no idea it existed, I didn’t know there was a club for entrepreneurs and things just spiraled from there. Everyone was really passionate about what they did. I felt very connected, very valued… I found my people. We all help each other out, bounce ideas off of each other and just want to see each other succeed. It’s the same way with the professors as well. I still stay in touch with my professors and they're always rooting for me.

I’m actually now an education major. I knew that I was meant to do something with kindness, even though I didn't know what that something was. Past me didn't really have a clear cut path, and I think just by branching out, asking for help, and being connected, it helped me grow and find that path and purpose.

So, I'm giving the gift of education to the world. I just want to help others with their goals in life and make them feel really comfortable with themselves, just like I do now. I think we all need that.


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