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Riverhawks Who Chose Their Own Adventure

Wingspan, Fall 2022

Get Started in a Job

"I started studying business because I knew I wanted to run this photography business. ... And since I was so young starting my business, I thought that having a college degree would let people take me more seriously.”
-Brooke Michelle Jackson, photographer, business owner, AACC alumna

Transfer to a Four-Year College

"Community college is great for somebody like me that had a few ideas of maybe what I wanted to do out of high school or as a career in general. ... I had only heard good things about great professors, great programs.”
-Vinnie Hager, artist, transferred to MICA

Find a New Passion

"I'm very proud of my projects because we get to build robots, and I love it. I take videos and I send them to my friends back home. I'm like, ‘Yeah I did this.’”
-Victoria Adeniji, mechatronics major, international student, AACC student ambassador

Start Taking Classes Early

"Taking classes at AACC has definitely inspired me. It has really opened up my eyes to what college is, what to expect and how I should deal with myself when I get there. It's preparing me for my future as well, so I have a nice idea of what to do.”
-Ishika Jain, high school student taking college classes (ECAP), future doctor

Change Careers

"Don't remain stuck in a situation that no longer serves your purpose. ... Once you get bored, your purpose has been filled and it’s time for you to move on. Be OK with changing paths and be not OK with staying somewhere that no longer serves you.”
-Alajandra Robinson, former primetime news anchor, AACC culinary grad, chef, 2022 valedictorian, international student

Use Your G.I. Bill at a Military-Friendly School

"The Military/Veteran Resource Center has been very helpful in my transition. For a guy like me who's really pursuing a third career, more or less, ... the real turning point was who I talked to on the phone.”
-Kevin Robinson, Air Force veteran, health, fitness and exercise studies major planning to open his own business


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