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AACC Donates Medical Supplies to Local Hospitals

AACC workers filling up a truck with medical supplies

Wingspan, Fall 2020

Each March, Laboratory Manager Donna Earley and Clinical Lab Coordinator Melissa Vogel usually prepare AACC’s health sciences labs for a new term. This year, they entered the empty building to retrieve PPE intended to help current health workers instead of future ones.

Hospitals across the country faced a shortage of personal protective equipment while inundated with patients. So AACC employees like Earley and Vogel gained access to labs, classrooms and storage across the college’s locations to compile 119 boxes of supplies with face shields, masks, sanitizer and ventilators. The March 25 donation to Anne Arundel Medical Center, University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center and the Anne Arundel County Emergency Operations Center occurred as COVID-19 cases in the county first started to escalate.

“At the heart of AACC’s mission is to respond to the ever-changing needs of our community,” said Dan Baum, AACC executive director of Strategic Communications. “This is one example among many of how we are responding to help our community come through this together.”


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