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Picturing a bright future

Three radiologic technology students in the X-ray lab at AACC.

After initially planning to attend a private university, Lain Frey, who started at AACC during their junior year at Old Mill High School, chose to attend AACC to save money.

“It's so much easier financially,” they said. “I also like the reputation that this school has. ... I love their Health Sciences programs, and I've heard good things.”

So many good things that Frey decided to pursue the Radiologic Technology program where AACC boasts a 100% first-time pass rate for the National American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) exam, as well as a 100% rate of employment for graduates within six months of completing the program.

“I love the idea of it being both a science and an art,” they said, referring to an radiologic technologist's obligation to create a clear image while exposing the patient to as little radiation as possible.

But college hasn’t been without its share of challenges. Frey admits to struggling to balance school with a full-time job, but they remain committed to their ultimate goal to become an MRI technologist.

“When I have the time to study at school, I study at school. I focus here a lot better. And when I'm at home, I have a bunch of distractions.”

Studying on campus also helped Frey build relationships with their classmates. They tutored other students and held regular study sessions.

They also impressed their professors with their grades as well as their character. Frey received a Character Award during the 2023 Impact and Excellence Awards. This award recognizes students who demonstrate trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, compassion and good citizenship.

Now that they’ve been admitted to the Radiologic Technology program, Frey is looking forward to building an even deeper community with their cohort. As for their decision to attend a community college, they feel they’ve made the right choice.

"I don't understand the stigma around it. ... There's still so many opportunities for a sense of community and so many clubs and so many just opportunities that you have here.”

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