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Briana L. Zeck

Briana Zeck hiking in Oregon
Histotechnician Program Director and Assistant Professor 
Medical Laboratory Science 
School of Health Sciences 


Master of Science 
Biomedical Laboratory Management 
City University of New York-Hunter 

Bachelor of Arts 
Colgate University 

Associate of Applied Science 
State University of New York-Cobleskill 

American Society of Clinical Pathology 

American Society of Clinical Pathology 

New York State Histological Technician 


  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • Homemade herbal remedies 

A Little More 

What is histotechnology? 

That’s the first question a lot of people might have when they see Briana Zeck’s job title and academic background. The truth is that histotechnicians are sort of like the behind-the-scenes heroes of a medical laboratory. They create the delicate slides of tissue and cells that are then studied under a microscope to help identify diseases or abnormalities.  

At AACC, Zeck teaches the next generation of these crucial members of the medical laboratory team. In her teaching she embraces AACC’s core value of creativity and innovation. 

“Whether it's devising new laboratory projects or discovering interactive tasks to include in my lectures, I am constantly driven by the challenge of finding creative methods to inspire and engage my students,” she said. 

Zeck has held teaching and research positions, so students in her courses learn from an experienced teacher who also has experience in the field. Before coming to AACC in 2023, Zeck worked at NYU Langone Health from 2015 to 2022. There, she trained students at various academic levels, developed a comprehensive training program for laboratory personnel, and worked as a full-time histological research technologist.  

In her spare time, Zeck enjoys crafting in all forms, farming and creating homemade herbal remedies using plants from her garden. 

“Doing all of these things lets me better tap into my creativity, connect with nature and keep improving my hands-on skills.”