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MaryEllen Kassebaum, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor 
School of Liberal Arts 


Doctor of Philosophy 
Montana State University 

Master of Science 
University of Utah 

Bachelor of Science 
Mathematics and Computer Science 
Truman State University 


  • Singing 
  • Cooking  
  • Baking 

A Little More 

If you take a class with MaryEllen Kassebaum, you will likely come to appreciate her self-described “difficult” homework assignments, even if you don’t enjoy completing them at the time. 

“Former students often write back that they learned things from me that their peers at the four-year schools had not learned in their math courses. I want my students to get a special benefit for choosing math at AACC,” she said. 

For Kassebaum, her students are what she enjoys most about teaching at AACC. Students at AACC “are all such interesting, talented people” and she is inspired by how earnest they are about learning. 

“Whether they are in their favorite course or not, they want to learn the material,” she said. “Sometimes it takes us all a while to figure out what will help them learn, but the desire is there. It is one of the greatest pleasures of teaching at AACC: to have students who are interested in learning!” 

In her spare time, Kassebaum enjoys singing (“LOUDLY and into a microphone”), cooking and gardening — sometimes she even does all three at once.


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School of Liberal Arts

Alicia M. Morse, Ph.D., dean


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