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When you imagine your future, what do you see?

A college degree? A better job? A brighter future for yourself and your family? All these things are possible! If you don’t have a high school diploma, English is not your first language, or you've been told your math, grammar and writing skills are not considered "college ready," you may have some extra steps ahead of you. Don't let that stop you! You've got this! We can help.

English Language Learning


Is English your second, third or fourth language? Do you need or want to speak and read it better? AACC offers classes for those just learning English, as well as for those with more advanced skills.

GED Test Preparation

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There are three ways to qualify for Anne Arundel’s free GED Test Preparation class: you can achieve qualifying scores during your Adult Basic Skills assessment, be recommended by your ABS instructor or earn qualifying scores on the GED Ready Practice Test. During the class, you’ll review key subject matter, practice test-taking strategies, and learn important information about college and career opportunities available to you once you’ve earned your diploma.

Adult Basic Skills

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Adult Basic Skills (ABS) classes are designed for students who do not have a high school diploma and need to improve basic skills in math, science, social studies and reading. Classes are free and there’s no need to apply. We just require that you’re at least 18 years old, have officially withdrawn from high school, and attend an orientation and assessment before you begin classes.

Sign up for an orientation to start classes. Please call 410-777-1823 to schedule your orientation. You may also contact us at

Developmental Courses

The AACC Accuplacer test will determine if your skills need improving before you’re ready for first-year English and math courses and you will be required to complete them successfully before you are eligible to for courses such as English 111 or Math 112. Developmental courses are offered in the same format as credit courses, cost the same as a 3-credit course and you register for these classes in the same way as a 3-credit course; however, you will not receive college credit for them because they are preparatory classes.

Important take-away: Study for the Accuplacer test to make sure you are placed into the appropriate English and math classes. You will not be able to retake the Accuplacer to try to earn a higher score like you can the ACT or SAT.

Noncredit Test Preparation Courses

If you’re considering credit courses at AACC or elsewhere and plan to take the ACT or SAT, check out AACC’s test preparation courses.

Learn more about test preparation courses.

Noncredit Courses for Personal Growth

If you have your high school diploma or GED and simply would like to build your confidence in math, grammar and other academic areas, see what noncredit personal growth courses are being offered through the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

Learn more about noncredit personal growth courses.


We're here to help.

English Language Learning


We're here to help.

Adult Basic Skills

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