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AACC student reviewing a handout in her classroom.

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program prepares students for college credit classes for a degree or certificate. The EAP courses focus on reading and vocabulary, listening and speaking, grammar and writing. In-person, online and hybrid class formats are available.

ELL Courses

ELL-310 Low Intermediate Grammar and Writing
ELL-311 Low Intermediate Reading
ELL-312 Low Intermediate Listening and Pronunciation
ELL-313 High Intermediate Grammar
ELL-314 High Intermediate Reading and Writing
ELL-315 High Intermediate Listening and Presentations
ELL-316 Advanced Grammar
ELL-317 Advanced Reading and Writing
ELL-318 Advanced Listening and Note Taking
ELL-319 Capstone Grammar and Editing
ELL-320 Capstone Reading and Writing

To complete the EAP program, students must pass or test out of the ELL-318, ELL-319 and ELL-320 courses. At this point, students are eligible to register for ENG-101 and credit courses that allow concurrent ENG-101 registration. For information, or to make an appointment with an ELL advisor, contact us at or 410-777-2901.

Course Costs

  • Residents of Anne Arundel County: $427 ($217 for ELL 319)
  • Residents of other Maryland counties: $437 ($227 for ELL 319)
  • Out-of-state residents, non-U.S. citizens and non-Green Card holders: $872 ($452 for ELL 319)
  • Find information about the Maryland Dream Act and contact Owen Andrews at 410-777-2926.

*Required textbooks additional.


Follow the steps below to register for classes.

Submit an Application

If you are a new student, start by submitting a credit student application.

Take a Placement Test (New Students Only) and Select Courses

The placement test (LOEP) is required for new students. You are allowed two attempts on the test before registering for classes. Scores are usually higher on the second attempt.

Prior to taking the ESL ACCUPLACER test, you must complete the test workshop which will review study resources, test format and current testing process. Self-Enroll in the test workshop at any time and select English as Second Language Students.

If you need assistance with your placement test needs, navigating or enrolling in the Canvas site, complete the Help Request Form or contact the testing centerFind more information about LOEP.

Use the placement chart below to identify what courses you should register for.

English for Academic Purposes Test Subject Area

Test Result Reading SkillsGrammar (Language Use + Sentence Meaning)ListeningWriting

Writeplacer ESL: 2


ELL-313 (High Int)


ELL-314 (High Int)

Writeplacer ESL: 3


ELL-317 (Adv)

Writeplacer ESL: 4


ELL-320 (Cap)

ESL Reading: 58-70

ELL-311 (Low Int)

ELL-310 (Low Int)


ESL Listening: 62-76


ELL-312 (Low Int)


ESL Listening: 77-84


ELL-315 (High Int)


ESL Listening: 85-97


ELL-318 (Adv)


ESL Grammar: <177


ELL-313 (High Int)


ESL Grammar: 177-204


ELL-316 (Adv)


ESL Grammar: 205-232


ELL-319* (Cap)


If you score a 5 or higher on Writeplacer, a 233 or higher on Language Use + Sentence Meaning and a 98 or higher on Listening, register for ENG-101. If your score is lower in any of the test subject area, register for the ELL class/es listed above.

*ELL-319 is 2 equivalent hours; all other courses are 4 equivalent hours.

Register for Classes

New and returning students can register either online or in person.

Online registration

To register online through MyAACC, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to MyAACC. Find additional information on accessing your MyAACC.
  2. From the menu in the upper left-hand corner, select Self Services > Student Planning, Scheduling and Registration.
  3. Click on My Progress to search for classes.
  4. Add courses to your plan selecting appropriate terms.
  5. Use the Advising tab to ask your advisor to check your plan.
  6. Use the filters to find sections that work with your schedule.
  7. When you're ready, click the Register All button.*

    *The Register Now or Register All button will not display (grayed out) if you are not eligible to register. Check registration restrictions on the upper right corner (in red). If there is a “hold” in your record, contact the admissions office at or 410-777-2246.

  8. Set up a payment plan, make your tuition payment and check your financial aid status.
  9. Log out of MyAACC and close your browser to ensure your session is completed.

After completing registration, you will receive an email confirming that your registration activity was processed and an additional email regarding important deadlines for each section. Check your class schedule in Student Planning, Scheduling and Registration in MyAACC for room updates before the term begins.

If you do not remember your login information or have not attended AACC in the past five years, you may need to have your account reactivated. Contact the Technical Call Center for assistance.

In-person registration

For information on how to register in person, visit

Pay for Your Classes

Tuition costs include registration fees. Cash, check, ATM, American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard are  accepted. 

You must submit your payment three days prior to the beginning of your class or you may be dropped from the class for nonpayment. If you are dropped for nonpayment, you can register for the class again in person at the Arnold, Arundel Mills or Glen Burnie Town Center registration desks.

Learn more about paying for classes.

Noncredit Course Policies

Learn more about Noncredit Course Policies here.

Late Registration

To register for EAP classes after the start date, you must contact the ELL office at If the late entrance is approved, you must attend advising/tutoring sessions to assess your progress and to identify which additional ELL or college resources are necessary. Tuition for late registration is not prorated.


Email the advisor whose name appears next to the first letter of your last name.

A-I: Owen Andrews

J-S: Brandon Wilkening 

T-Z: Jessyca Toivonen-Anderson

ELL Continuing Education Certificate

ELL students who have completed ELL-318, ELL-319 and ELL-320 can apply for a Continuing Education Certificate which is designed for personal enrichment and enhanced quality of life. To apply, submit a Student Application for Continuing Education Certificate to from your MyAACC email.

TITLE OF CERTIFICATE - English for Academic Purposes - Capstone



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