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When the Choice is Clear and It Definitely Involves Cruffins

HCAT Internship Leads to Dream Job

Two years ago, Hannah Granito was balancing classes toward a bachelor's degree in public health at the University of Maryland College Park and the baking and pastry arts associate degree at Anne Arundel Community College.

“It was definitely a lot. Whenever people ask me ‘How did you do it?’ – I really don't know how,” said the 24-year-old who was also working at the time. “But I definitely don't regret it.”

She loved both fields and, by summer 2021, the Annapolis resident stood with two degrees and two life paths. To her, knowing that food connects people, one easy choice mixed those passions for community and community health.

“My dream was making croissants. That's what I wanted to do, and I wanted to do it at a bakery, and that’s part of my job now. It’s a lot of other things, but I’m proud,” said the now manager at Black Market Bakers in Edgewater. “I’m proud of myself for following my dreams. That feels cheesy, but it’s true. ... I'm making food, and I'm serving a purpose in the community with this small business, which feels really fulfilling.”

One step that helped her get there was completing an internship with Black Market Bakers while wrapping up her AACC degree. She had worked in the industry before, but said the internship was helpful because she was baking, but also learning about purchasing, pricing, profits and more. “I learned about more of the business side versus just being in the kitchen all the time.”

The internship led to her role at the establishment, where now the business (and baking!) knowledge she gained benefits her daily.

“Black Market is great, and I love it. ... There's love and care for the product and the people, the people we serve, but also the people that we work with and for,” she said. “AACC was very helpful in getting me here.”