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Unleashing Creativity on Our Community

Wingspan, Fall 2023

AACC's Visual Arts programs are consistently finding opportunities to unleash creativity and give faculty, students and the community the chance to showcase their skills and envelop the community into the amazing world of the visual arts.

This has been a year bursting with artistic energy as high school students from Southern High School and Glen Burnie High School visited AACC and participated in hands-on art and design workshops. These immersive experiences ignited students’ passion for the arts and gave them an invaluable taste of college life. At Southern, students interested in graphic and web design can take art and design classes that will earn them college credit through AACC's Early College Access Program. Southern’s teachers even visited our state-of-the-art studio spaces, attending a printmaking workshop.

AACC Visual Arts students are also actively supporting the community and exhibiting their work! One notable project involved Jennifer Schuster’s Graphic Design 2 class producing an entire package of marketing materials for Food 4 Thought, a local nonprofit serving homeless populations and families in the Baltimore-Washington area. Students and alumni have also displayed their work in various venues across Maryland, such as Quiet Waters Park, Montpelier Arts Center and Benfield Gallery. AACC’s Cade Center for Fine Arts gallery also hosts an annual juried student show, granting students the exciting opportunity to have their creations chosen for display.

Imagine a world where you can express your wildest ideas, emotions and dreams through the stroke of a brush, the click of a camera or mouse, or the sculpting of clay. Inside AACC’s Visual Arts programs, students get to unleash their inner Picasso, channel their inner Banksy and let their artistic skills soar! By providing state-of-the-art studios and design labs, innovative opportunities and fostering a supportive environment, our programs ensure that aspiring artists can hone their skills and explore their passion to the fullest potential.


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Our Visual Arts Students Have Recently Interned at:

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  • Annapolis Film Festival
  • Bluepoint Hospitality
  • Mango Marketing
  • University of Maryland School of Nursing