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AACC student paints in class.

The Visual Arts department offers a selection of courses ranging from the traditional fine arts to digital design and time-based media. If you plan to transfer, move into the workforce and/or continue your educational journey, this is the place for you. Our innovative curriculum emphasizes both the technical and conceptual aspects of visual art and design. We offer a diverse range of programs and our newest course additions include Animation and Lithography – a perfect analogy to the breadth of our programming. All students and skill levels are welcome to participate in the visual arts programs available at AACC.

As a Visual Arts student, you can participate in professional internships, study abroad programs, community art exhibits and public lectures by visiting professionals. Our curriculum provides a broad appreciation of the visual arts across varying fields of study, artistic styles and media. You will be encouraged to develop critical thinking skills, incorporate new technology into their work, and explore new and evolving fields. We offer departmental scholarships to students, as well as individual advising in their core area of interest. 


The Visual Arts and Humanities department offers degrees and certificates in the following majors. 

Faculty and Staff

Academic Chair

Wilfredo Valladares Lara, professor 
Visual Arts academic chair
Sculpture and 3D Design coordinator
PLNT 008 

Full-Time Faculty

Dawn Bond, professor 
Coordinator of 2 Dimensional Design, Illustration and Color
CADE 309 

Erik Dunham, associate professor
Digital Design coordinator
CADE 306 

Zoe Friedman, associate professor 
Coordinator of time-based media
CADE 306

Teddy Johnson, associate professor
CADE Gallery coordinator 
CADE 203A 

Matt Klos, professor
Art Association advisor
CADE 314

Lindsay McCulloch, associate professor 
Painting and drawing coordinator
CADE 307

Chris Mona, professor
Printmaking and screenprinting coordinator
Printmaking Club advisor
CADE 308

Matthew Moore, associate professor
Photography coordinator, Photography Club advisor
CADE 108

Sara Prigodich, associate professor
Ceramics coordinator, Keramos Club advisor
CRSC 123

Jennifer Schuster, assistant professor
Graphic design, web design
CADE 225

Drew Snyder, associate professor
Esports and Game Development Club advisor
CADE 225

Akash Vasishtha, instructor
CADE 102

Office Staff

Sue Rous, Support coordinator
CADE 216

Michele McCray, Performing and Visual Arts coordinator
CADE 216

Cassandra Martin, ceramics
CRSC 125

Trevor Williams, Art Studio and lab assistant
CADE 101


Visual Arts Program Navigator

Laura Pasquini, program navigator
CADE 329

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Resources for Students

Studios, Labs and Equipment

AACC’s Visual Arts facilities are extensive and designed to encourage and fully support your creative interests and endeavors. The Cade Center for Fine Arts boasts multiple computer labs, studios, photography lab, darkroom and a wireless internet connection. Ceramics and sculpture are housed in the Careers Center and Plant Building respectively, on the east side of campus.

In addition, students are welcome to use the five graphic design PCs in the Technology Learning Center in the Andrew Truxal Library Room 10. These PCs have the same software as the PCs in all CADE labs.

Lab Software and Hardware

You can view a list of software and hardware available for use in the above labs as well as the Technology Learning Center in Truxal Library Room 101.

Sculpture Studios

The sculpture studios are located in the plant building on the Arnold campus. The 5,495-square-foot space accommodates studios for steel/metal welding fabrication, woodworking equipment, stone carving, blacksmithing equipment, flexible mold/casting area and clay works, including modeling the human form through live modeling sessions.

These studios are available for students in the sculpture program, which includes these courses:

  • 3-D Design, or Introduction to Sculpture (Art 102).
  • Sculpture1 (Art 135).
  • Sculpture 2 (Art 235).

We also offer a special topic course, Art Metal Fabrication (ART 298), which allows students to concentrate on specific metal art application techniques and concepts. In addition to the studios and fabrication equipment, the facilities are equipped with well-ventilated electric kilns and a clay mixer. The lecture rooms provide the instructors and students Internet access and projection media equipment to facilitate interactive lectures. The outdoor area is used for metal casting workshops sponsored by the Sculpture Club and the sculpture program.

Ceramics Studio

AACC houses 20 Robert Brent electric wheels, two large Robert Brent slab rollers, and two Scott Creek extruders, along with a host of other hand tools for students enrolled in ceramics classes. We mix our own white stoneware, brown stoneware and red earthenware clays, as well as our 18 studio glazes. We fire at cone 04 and cone 6 oxidation and reduction. We are well equipped with nine electric kilns, one gas kiln and three Raku kilns. Our nonlending library has nearly 100 books and over 30 years of ceramics magazines for review and inspiration.

Three levels of ceramics classes are offered in our recently renovated 4,000-square-foot studio. Our curriculum spans many interests exploring forming techniques using the potter's wheel and hand building methods. Students work with a variety of surface decorating techniques with slips and glazes.

Visual Arts Student Organizations

Learn more about student organizations in The Nest.

Art Association

Promotes interaction among art students; provides professional networking opportunities, field trips; prepare and present art exhibitions.

Club advisor: Matt Klos

Ceramics - Keramos Society

Provides opportunities for students to advance their knowledge and techniques relating to clay and ceramics; showcase and share talents of visiting and local artists; display student works. Annual ceramics sale and show.

Club advisor: Sara Prigodich

ESports Club

ESports Club is dedicated to the field of competitive gaming. We cover competitive games and gameplay with a focus on building an on-campus community for competitive play and learning competitive-tier gameplay skills. If you want to take your gaming to the next level, this is the club for you! We offer opportunities to meet and practice with/against other players of your games of choice, as well as tournaments, learning opportunities, and more. We welcome players of all skill levels looking to learn/improve their skills!

Club advisor: Drew Snyder

Game Development Club

The AACC Game Development Club is a group of Game Development students and alumni who are interested in the Software tools and design aspects of Game Development. We meet weekly to show off what we have recently learned and/or worked on, to collaborate, and to help each other achieve success in our works. We also hold special events to create mechanics, and game jams to quickly create game prototypes.

Club advisor: Drew Snyder

Photography Club

Provides opportunities for students to attend lectures, seminars and workshops related to photography and the visual arts fields. Students may attend field trips to local agencies and job training events as well as providing peer support to fellow photography students.

Club advisor: Matthew Moore

Sculpture Club

The AACC Sculpture Club, in conjunction with the Student Government Association, is dedicated to promoting and supporting the learning environment by taking initiatives in organizing activities such as visiting artist workshops, field trips, cultural events, fundraising and exhibitions.

Club advisor: Jin Lee


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School of Liberal Arts,
Visual Arts and Humanities

Wilfredo Valladares-Lara, chair


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