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The Achieving College and Career Advancement department is here to support you in achieving your academic goals. Our focus is supporting you wherever you are in your educational journey. We have course offerings for if you are a first-time student who just graduated high school, if you are returning to school after a break or if you are just looking for ways to improve.

Our courses provide you with information and resources available at AACC, assist with academic and career planning and they offer techniques to improve study habits and promote personal skills. Our goal is to help you maximize your opportunities to succeed in college and beyond.

Courses We Offer

Want some tips for being successful in college?

ACA-100: Student Success Seminar is a 1-credit course open to new and returning college students. The course helps you learn to study better, manage time more effectively, set attainable academic goals and access critical college resources.

Learn more about ACA-100 in our video:

New to online classes, or looking to enhance your online learning skills?

ACA-110: Success in the Online Classroom is a 1-credit course designed to help you be successful in the online classroom. You will learn appropriate online communication skills, discover available resources and support, identify time management and organization techniques, and practice actively participating in an online course.

Want to get a head start on your career?

ACA-120: Achieving Career Readiness is a 1-credit course open to college students who want to investigate career options or who are ready to enter the workforce. You will discuss your passions, match your academic goals to your career goals, create a résumé, practice interviewing skills, identify job search strategies and learn effective communication skills.


Our faculty come from a variety of areas and bring many experiences to the ACA-100, ACA-110 and ACA-120 classes. Some of our faculty members work in other college departments, such as academic advising or tutoring, some work in other academic areas and some work in other professions, such as teaching, accounting or social work. What they all have in common is their dedication to helping students like you be successful. Here are some of the faculty members you will meet in ACA courses.

Carolyn Pratt
Interdisciplinary Assistant Professor and Chair

Tricia Acton
Adjunct Faculty

Mary Bachkosky, JD
Associate Professor, Legal Studies Institute 

Arlene Bayron
Student Success and Retention Advisor

Andrew Blazie
Coordinator, Tutoring

Christine Bridgman
Academic and Transfer Advisor

Devin Brown
Adjunct Faculty

Audra Butler, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Director of Assessment and Instructional Innovation

Scott Cooper
Professor, World Languages

Candace Place
Director, TEACH Institute

Robert Hurd, Ph.D.
Professor, English

Lori Hackett
Adjunct Faculty

Patrick Heline
Adjunct Faculty

Gwen Johnson
Program Coordinator, Internships

Peter Kaiser
Manager, Event Services

Heather McFarland
Director, Information Center

Pamela Nussbaumer
Adjunct Faculty

Marjorie Rawhouser, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, Transfer Studies

Khadijat Richmond, Ed.D.
Director of Transfer Advising

Darian Senn-Carter, Ed.D.
Director, Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute

Megan Stakolosa
Assistant Program Manager, Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Lisa Starkey
Assistant Director, Center for Professional Learning

Ashley Warrick
Marketing Manager

Shannon Washburn
Director, Response Center

Marcus Wright
Director of Transfer, Articulation and Career Alignment

Elizabeth Wulbrecht
Director, Testing and Assessment Services


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