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"Read, read, read." – William Faulkner, author

Reading is an essential part of the higher education experience. Most courses require a significant amount of reading, so you will want to be fully prepared. The Academic Literacies department offers reading courses to prepare you for credit coursework. Our courses are offered at various times and locations to meet your needs. We look forward to working with you!


Academic Literacies (ACL-040)

5 equated credit hours.

Explore and critically evaluate a variety of academic texts. Identify, discuss and write about abstract ideas from a variety of complex academic texts. Expand and connect readings to other meaningful texts, to the world and to the lived experiences of the students. Develop an understanding of the writing process in order to produce authentic academic writing, thus preparing students for success in college-level reading and writing.

Faculty and Staff

Academic Chair

Forrest Caskey, associate professor and academic chair
LIBR 113

Full-time Faculty

Forrest Caskey, associate professor and academic chair
LIBR 113

Antione D. Tomlin, Ph.D., associate professor and director of academic literacies lab
LIBR 119

Adjunct Faculty

David Butler-Sims, D.M. 

Markton Cole

Lavon Davis

Erica Heflin, Ed.D.

Javron Keene 

Cassie McClenny

Naesea Price, Ed.D.

Tamisha Ponder

Tiffany Solarin 

Shameek Williamson 

Tasha Wilson 

Academic Literacies Lab Tutors

Elizabeth daRosa 

Chelsea Harrison

Donna Packer-Kinlaw, Ph.D. 

Cindy Pimpo 

Kathryn Reilly 

Chris Riley 

Office Staff

Kristi Tuccillo
English, Academic Literacies and Communications support coordinator

Resources for Students

Academic Literacies Lab

The Academic Literacies Lab, located in Andrew G. Truxal Library Room 108, is designed to promote academic growth and excellence. We want to make sure that you are approaching college-level learning with confidence. Visiting the lab can help you strengthen academic skills, develop general learning and study strategies, and improve academic success. Our tutors are committed to meeting you where you are, and helping you accomplish your educational goals.

Get customized tutoring in these academic fields:

  • Art
  • Business
  • English
  • History
  • Physical sciences
  • Psychology
  • Reading
  • Sociology

Tutors can help you with:

  • Strengthening reading habits
  • Improving reading comprehension
  • Note taking, organizational and study skills
  • Brainstorming assignments
  • Writing assignments
  • Research
  • Test preparation
  • College application essays

About our tutors:

  • They have advanced degrees and teaching experience.
  • Some are experienced with ESL students, military/veterans and students with accommodations.
  • They have experience with both credit and noncredit students.

Did you know that the Academic Literacies Lab is available online? Schedule your virtual tutoring session!

Academic Literacies Lab Online Instructions

Follow the instructions below on how to enroll in the online Academic Literacies Lab and request a virtual tutoring session.

  1. On the left-hand navigation bar in any course, find the Enroll in Online Academic Literacies Lab and click on that tab
  2. Click on Go To Course.
  3. Either scroll through this page and look at the tutoring schedule OR click on Zoom in the left-hand navigation bar.
  4. The first meeting link you see will take you to a live tutor. Please click on Join and a tutor will let you into their Zoom room.


Contact Associate Professor and Director Antione Tomlin, Ph.D., at if you have questions regarding the Academic Literacies Lab.


We’re here to help.

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Academic Literacies

Forrest Caskey


Send Email

Kerry Taylor, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean


10 a.m.-4 p.m.
(Virtual only)

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More Tutoring

The Academic Literacies Lab isn’t the only tutoring available at AACC. Visit the Tutoring page to learn more.