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Antione D. Tomlin, Ph.D.

Antione Tomlin laughing
Associate Professor and Director of Academic Literacies Lab
Academic Literacies
School of Liberal Arts


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 
Language, Literacy and Culture 
University of Maryland, Baltimore County 

Master of Arts 
Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs 
Morgan State University 

Bachelor of Science 
Stevenson University 

Life and Engagement Coaching
Anne Arundel Community College

Teaching English as A Second Language
Anne Arundel Community College

Pathways to Teaching Adult Learners
Anne Arundel Community College

Professional Certified Coach
International Coach Federation

A Little More

Antione Tomlin believes in the value of education and has a passion for learning. That passion has led to a professional career spent mostly in higher education. Since 2018 he has taught in AACC’s Academic Literacies, EnglishTeacher Education and Communications departments. As the director of the Academic Literacies Lab, he oversees a program that prepares students for success by teaching them how to critically evaluate academic texts and write at the college level. He describes AACC students as “rock stars” who inspire him with their “motivation, dedication and grit.”

Tomlin's personal core values include autonomy, flexibility, learning, respect, transparency, honesty and fun. He says he lives and breathes principles that not only shape his life but also guide his interactions with others. A proud native of Baltimore, these values have been his compass in navigating life's journey.

A first-generation undergraduate and graduate student himself, Tomlin recognizes the transformative power of education, a value intricately tied to his passion for continuous learning. This passion steered him toward a career in higher education, where he's been teaching English since 2013. For Tomlin, the classroom is an ever-inspiring space filled with dedicated students who continually fuel his curiosity and growth.

Beyond teaching, he is also a trained and certified life and engagement coach, proudly holding the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). He runs his own coaching venture, Best AT Coaching! LLC.

Tomlin received his academic degrees from local institutions: a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Stevenson University; a Master of Arts in higher education administration and student affairs from Morgan State University; and a doctorate in language, literacy and culture from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His current research explores the experiences of Black and brown faculty, staff and students in higher education.



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Chapters in Books

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Book Reviews

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Works Submitted or In Preparation

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