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“Words, words, words.” - Hamlet, William Shakespeare.

If you love words – reading them, writing them, speaking them and interpreting them – you will find kindred spirits here. The English department at AACC is home to composition, literature and creative writing. The aim of the English department is to prepare you to be a more effective reader, writer and thinker and to help you develop your abilities to understand and appreciate literature and other cultures.

Whether you struggle or excel in English, we meet you where you are. At every level we work to improve your mastery of English grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, as well as your capacity to organize and express ideas in writing. In our English classes, you will develop critical thinking and analysis skills. Along the way, we can help you explore literature of the Americas and the world's many cultures, great writing informs both new and old, and classic literary themes in their cultural contexts. In our Creative Writing courses, explore your boundless imagination, sharpen your critical thinking and hone your writing skills for our student publications and beyond.

Study with faculty in the English department and work toward earning a credential in English or Creative Writing.


The English and Communications department offers degrees in the following areas of study:

Faculty and Staff

Academic Chair

Wayne Kobylinski, Ph.D.
HUM 203A

Full-time Faculty

Margaret Boas
Associate Professor, English
HUM 113H

Dean Bowers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
HUM 203G

Garrett Brown, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 113F

Alan Brownlie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
HUM 113D

Steven Canaday, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 203B

Susan Cohen, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 113C

Darius Cureton, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, English 
HUM 203B

Katy D’Angelo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, English
HUM 203C

Shelley DeBlasis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, English  
HUM 203B

Jennifer Dix, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
HUM 215F

Paul Gabriel Tucci
Associate Professor, English
HUM 113J

Candice Hill, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, English
HUM 203C

Robert Hurd, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 215K

Wayne Kobylinski, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 203A

Johnny Lew, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, English
HUM 203G

Jaque Lyman-Thomas
Professor, English
HUM 113G

Timothy May
Instructor, English
HUM 203D

David Meng
Associate Professor, English
HUM 113I

Shaunte' Montgomery, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, English 
HUM 115

Marjorie Paoletti
Associate Professor, English
HUM 203H

Jessica Rabin, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 215G

Brian Riley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
HUM 203I

Grace Sikorski, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 203J

Suzanne Spoor, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 203F

Simon Ward
Instructor, English 
HUM 203B

Brian Weber
Instructor, English
HUM 203D

Office Staff

Kristi Tuccillo
Office Manager
English, Academic Literacies & Communications

Resources for Students

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides continuous help to students from all disciplines by providing one-on-one tutoring on a walk-in basis. English department faculty tutors are happy to assist in preparing written assignments, offer help in understanding errors on graded papers, and provide additional training in grammar, punctuation and usage.

Learn more about the Writing Center.

Virtual Writing Center

The Virtual Writing Center offers the same high quality tutoring experience as our face-to-face Writing Center locations in a synchronous, voice-interactive online environment.  It is open to all enrolled AACC students and can be accessed using Canvas and Blackboard Collaborate.

Learn more about the Virtual Writing Center.

Honors program

The Honors program is for high-achieving students who wish to excel in a diverse and interdisciplinary learning environment. The focus is on collaboration in learning, critical thinking, effective communication and ethical leadership. The Honors program maintains academic rigor while allowing flexibility for qualified students in all majors to receive recognition for their achievements. Courses are defined by a different method of teaching and learning.

Learn more about the Honors program.

Amaranth, the student literary journal

Amaranth is AACC’s Journal for the Creative Arts. It is an award-winning, student-run and edited journal that is published once a year through funding from the AACC Student Organization and generous donations from Tim and Darlene Barnum and Burt Dall.

The Amaranth Coffeehouse is a monthly event where students gather to share writing, music, short films, monologues, comedy sketches and visual art.  It is an excellent opportunity for students to interact outside of the classroom, become acquainted with the work of their peers, and participate in AACC’s creative and cultural community.  This is an open mic where all students, faculty, staff and community members are welcome.  Each year, the Coffeehouse culminates with a release party for Amaranth.

Learn about Amaranth and its submission guidelines.

Writers Reading Series

Writers Reading at AACC is a reading series that hosts an array of writers including poets, fiction writers, essayists, songwriters, memoirists, playwrights, journalists and screenplay writers.

All events, are held on the Arnold campus in Humanities Building Room 112 from 2-3:15 p.m. Writers Reading encourages students, faculty, staff and community to attend. The readings are sponsored by the AACC Student Government Association, are free and open to the public and include book sales and signings.

For information contact Professor Susan Cohen at


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Wayne Kobylinski, Ph.D.


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