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Try not communicating. Seriously, just try it. Communication is all around us, on every job and in every field. Developing your skills in this area will improve your professional and personal life. The Communications and Journalism department at AACC is home to public speaking, human communication, journalism and mass communication.

The faculty and students of the Communications program strive to incorporate one or more of our core values into everything we do. We will:

  • Innovate
  • Engage
  • Collaborate
  • Support
  • Impact

In our communications courses, you will learn to effectively communicate, whether one-on-one, in larger groups or with people from different cultures. The aim of the Communications and Journalism department is to prepare you to be a more effective reader, writer, speaker and thinker, and to help you develop your abilities to understand and appreciate all areas of communication. We have highly qualified faculty who are eager to assist you in working toward earning a credential in communication.

Majors and Offerings

Our department is proud to offer courses and a degree in Communications.

Find communications and journalism courses in our course search.

Learn about majoring in communications.

Faculty and Staff

Academic Chair

Jessica Mattingly
Associate professor, communications
HUM 113

Full-time Faculty

April Copes, Ph.D.
Professor, communications
HUM 115

Haley Draper
Associate professor, communications
HUM 115

LaTanya Eggleston
Assistant professor, communications
HUM 200A

Zoe Farquhar, Ph.D.
Assistant professor, communications 
HUM 115

Susan Kilgard, Ph.D.
Professor, communications
HUM 203E

Jessica Mattingly
Associate professor, communications
HUM 113

Sharon O’Malley
Assistant professor, communications
HUM 200A

Office Staff

Kristi Tuccillo
English, Academic Literacies and Communications support coordinator

Resources for Students

Honors Program

The Honors program is for high-achieving students who wish to excel in a diverse and interdisciplinary learning environment. The focus is on collaboration in learning, critical thinking, effective communication and ethical leadership. The Honors program maintains academic rigor while allowing flexibility for qualified students in all majors to receive recognition for their achievements. Courses are defined by a different method of teaching and learning.

Learn more about the Honors program.

Campus Current Student Newspaper

Learn through experience by helping produce the print and online editions of this independent student newspaper. For information contact the Current at

Read the Campus Current.


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