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Transfer Studies is a customizable degree that lets you take the courses you need to transfer to a four-year college in a major of your choice. This is particularly valuable if AACC doesn’t have the major you want or you plan to transfer to a school outside of Maryland.

Our faculty represent many departments and bring an interdisciplinary flavor to Transfer Studies. As a Transfer Studies major, you will have access to faculty mentoring and engagement and a variety of transfer-related activities.

Majors and Offerings

We are proud to offer a degree in Transfer Studies.

Learn more about majoring in Transfer Studies.

Do you have a lot of interests but aren't yet sure what your major should be? We are also here to offer help in selecting a major through our Undecided/General Explore Program.

Learn more about Undecided/General Explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transfer Studies?

Transfer Studies is an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree that allows you to customize your program to pursue your interests or meet the requirements of a specific school to which you plan to transfer. In other words, Transfer Studies allows you to build a custom transfer program that will meet your personal, professional and academic goals.

The Transfer Studies major is also a good choice if you want to transfer to a school outside of Maryland. When planning your courses, the earlier you know where you want to transfer, the better off you'll be.

Who should take Transfer Studies?

Transfer Studies degree is a good choice if:

  • You know what you want to major in and it’s a major AACC doesn’t offer.
  • You need any associate degree to advance in your current career.
  • You have a lot of transfer credits that don’t fit into one of AACC’s other majors.
  • The requirements of the four-year degree do not align with one of AACC’s degrees.

What are the steps for a “good” transfer?

  1. Make decisions regarding your career, major and the school to which you want to transfer.
  2. Make an academic plan by mapping out your coursework. An academic advisor can help you.
  3. Follow your academic plan to complete your degree. Remember to apply for graduation in the term in which you finish your degree.
  4. Be aware of application deadlines and required documents needed to complete the application process for the school of your choice.

What if I can’t decide on a major?

AACC has excellent resources to help you. Call 410-777-7111 to make an appointment with a career counselor. Visit the Career Services page for more information.

What if I don’t know where I want to transfer?

  • Attend AACC’s Transfer Fair (check the NEST for details)
  • Use the Search for Majors option on ARTSYS 
  • Talk to your Field of Interest liaison

If I want to transfer, do I have to major in Transfer Studies?

No. AACC has many transfer degrees that may align with your desired major and transfer institution. An academic advisor can help you understand the differences so you can decide what is best for you. 

Are there other choices for undecided students?

If you're a new student and you're having trouble finding a major that fits your interests and goals, consider Explore. With Explore, you take numerous courses that give you an in-depth exposure to the various disciplines at AACC. Once you have completed these courses, you'll be prepared to make a better, more informed decision about your major – and your future.

What is in the Transfer Studies degree?

The Transfer Studies degree totals 60 credits and contains:

  1. General education requirements
  2. At least 12 credits from one discipline
  3. Elective courses

How do I know if my courses will transfer to my major at the Maryland public college or university to which I want to transfer?

  • An academic advisor will help you plan your courses for a seamless transfer. See an advisor as early as possible to plan your courses out to the completion of your degree. Then follow your plan.
  • If you complete an A.A. or A.S. degree, all general education courses will transfer as a package and meet the general education requirements at any Maryland public college or university.
  • The Maryland Higher Education Commission maintains a database called ARTSYS that lists how courses transfer from Maryland community colleges to Maryland public four-year schools and some private schools. This database can give you an indication of the likelihood of courses transferring, but it should be used in conjunction with academic advising and other resources.
  • Speak with the transfer coordinator or admissions representative from the four-year institution of your choice.

How do I know if my courses will transfer to a private school or a school outside Maryland?

  • An academic advisor can help you plan for transfer to private or out-of-state colleges. See an advisor as early as possible in your time at AACC to plan your courses out to the completion of your degree. Then follow your plan.
  • Some private schools in Maryland are part of the ARTSYS database described above.
  • Some schools have transfer databases available that show you which courses previous students have transferred from AACC. You can find those databases by going to the school’s transfer admissions webpage. A few can be found on the Course Equivalencies page.
  • Speak with the transfer coordinator or admissions representative from the four-year institution of your choice.

What are these things I’ve heard about called articulation agreements?

Sometimes called transfer agreements, these are agreements between schools that describe how certain courses and credits transfer between them. Articulation agreements are helpful for mapping courses, but these agreements are not necessary for you to transfer. They can show students which specific courses to take for a particular major. To see the transfer agreements that AACC has, go to the Transfer Services website.

Where can I get more information?

Academic Team

We're here to support you. Our team of faculty and staff can answer any questions you might have about AACC or about Transfer Studies specifically. We do not replace your academic advisor, but you can think of us as a go-to resource for questions about events, the college and available resources. 

Most importantly, we want to engage you in conversations related to your interests and assist you with your goals. This includes introducing you to points of contact in: 

  1. Universities where you may intend to transfer
  2. Interdisciplinary four-year degree programs
  3. Continuing education and certificate courses that will complement your transfer or vocational aspirations
  4. Deep areas of interest you want to pursue

We can also help you:

Our Team

Steve Berry
Instructional specialist III and coach, Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies
CRSC 337

Amy Carattini, Ph.D.
Assistant professor, Anthropology and Transfer Studies  
CRSC 115

Scott Cooper
Professor, World Languages
CADE 101

Darius Cureton, Ph.D.
Assistant professor, English and Transfer Studies 
HUM 203B

Kimberly Law
Associate professor, Computer Information Systems
CALT 268

Suzanne Spoor, Ph.D.
Professor, English
HUM 203F

Keke Doy
Support coordinator, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Studies and Transfer Studies
CRSC 133

Resources for Students

Steps to a Successful Transfer

A smooth transfer isn’t just about completing an associate degree. It’s about establishing a clear plan from day one at AACC, and then choosing the right courses each term to position you for your chosen major and the school you want. 

Learn more about steps to a successful transfer.

Transfer Agreements

Transfer agreements (or “articulation agreements,” as they’re officially called) are formal arrangements between institutions that allow certain credits to transfer seamlessly from one school to the other.

AACC has established transfer agreements with dozens of schools in and outside Maryland for a variety of majors. This gives you lots of options for a smooth transfer.

Learn more about transfer agreements.

Student Success Courses

If you’re new to college, the Transfer Studies Associate of Arts includes the Student Success Seminar (ACA-100).  This 1-credit course helps you learn to study better, manage time more effectively, set attainable academic goals and access critical college resources. AACC also offers courses to help you succeed in online learning and in your career. 

Learn more about student success courses.

Transfer Activities

Transfer Studies holds activities throughout the year. You will find activities and other information about Transfer Studies and the transfer process on the NEST.

Learn more about Transfer Studies on the NEST.


We’re here to help.

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