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Introducing a new way to select a major.

AACC has something for everyone, but with so many degrees and certificates available, our list of majors can seem daunting to the first-time student. If you're a new student and you're having trouble finding a major that fits your interests and goals, consider Explore.

With Explore, you can take numerous general education courses that will give you more in-depth exposure to the different fields at AACC. Once you have completed these courses, you're prepared to make a better, more informed decision about your major — and your future.

Learn about Your Options

Our General Explore Planner shows you the suggested first-term courses for the Undecided/General Explore area. These are the best courses to take to get to your goal. You eventually will have to choose a major, and the earlier you decide the better. You can take up to 20 credits as an Explore student. Meet with an academic advisor to help you pick your future courses to make sure you stay on track. You can get more information (including details about potential careers) from your advisor or by contacting a career counselor.

Meet with an Advisor

Not everyone applies to college with a firm goal in mind, or even an idea of which path to take. In many ways, that’s why we’re here. Our academic advisors, career advisors and faculty are committed to helping you determine the best route for you. This new approach is one more way that AACC can help you begin your college journey, and redefine yourself for a bright future.

Learn about Field of Interest advising.