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AACC offers 46 degrees and 62 certificates through our five schools. From accounting to early childhood education, from nursing to creative writing—if you want to earn credit toward a college degree or certificate, there’s an academic program here for you.

Fields of Interest

To help you find the major that best fits your interests and goals, we reorganized our degrees and certificates into 11 broad Fields of Interest. Choose a major from the dropdowns below to learn more about it. If you're still not sure which major to choose, learn more about our Explore options coming fall 2018.

Architecture and Interior Design

Learn to balance right-brained creativity with left-brained precision in one of these award-winning programs.



Engineering and Math

Develop your analytical skills, computer-based problem-solving and mathematical resaoning. Use those skills to innovate, invent, build, maintain and use the tools and machines with which our world is built.


Health and Human Services

Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts

Gain the skills to be an integral part of the dynamic and growing hospitality industry.


Humanities and Social Science

Study the human experience: our language, thoughts and expression, our past and present. These things create the foundation of our world.


Law and Criminal Justice

Criminal justice, the law and public safety are at the center of many of today's pressing issues. Be a part of the solution.



Immerse yourself in the discipline of careful observation and scientific experimentation.


Teacher Education

Join a steady, rewarding profession that offers the chance to influence students' lives through teaching, administration, curriculum development and even school system planning. There are many paths to becoming a teacher and whether your interests are in adult, early childhood, elementary, secondary or special education, AACC’s TEACH Institute provides extensive support – from credit degrees and certificates to ongoing continuing professional training.



Acquire problem-solving skills and technical competency within the ever-changing field of computer science and technology.


Visual Arts

Develop an appreciation of the visual arts across varying fields of study, artistic styles and media.


Still can't find what you're looking for?

Some students come to AACC knowing exactly what they want to do and where they want to do it. Others have no idea. If you reviewed the majors in the accordions above, but can't find the major you want, have a specific 4-year program with special requirements to which you wish to transfer or are still completely undecided, we have some additional options for you.

Custom Transfer

With the help of an advisor, you can customize our Transfer Studies, Associate of Arts (A.A.) to fit both Maryland general education requirements and the requirements of the specific program to which you wish to transfer. You can also customize this degree to pursue an area for which we offer courses, but don't have a specific degree.

Learn more about the Transfer Studies, A.A. from our catalog.

Undecided - General Exploration

For those truly undecided students, AACC has a general Explore option that will allow you to experience different subjects while completing your Maryland general education requirements.

Learn how to generally Explore.