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Are you fascinated by the science of behavior?

Discussion on how the brain works, how we relate to one another and how they apply to the real world are popular topics discussed in the media today. The field of psychology is not only interesting but is diverse. Various areas in psychology are represented within subfields that include clinical, counseling, social, industrial/organizational, physiological, developmental, cognitive, school, educational and more. Through our psychology program, you will better understand the relationship between theories, concepts and problem-oriented strategies and how to apply your knowledge in a variety of cultural contexts.

Transfer Degrees

The Psychology department is proud to offer the following Associate of Arts (A.A.) in this area of study. As an additional transfer option, AACC has the unique Transfer Studies degree. Both degrees will prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution. Whichever path you choose, we strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor to structure your AACC studies to meet your specific transfer goals.

Psychology, Arts and Science Transfer, A.A.

You’ll choose from multiple psychology offerings according to your interests, including foundational courses in developmental psychology, personality psychology and abnormal psychology. You’ll also take the general education courses necessary to prepare you to transfer to a four-year program.

Did you know you can earn this degree online? Online programs are a great fit for busy working adults and any student who would benefit from the flexibility of a virtual classroom!


Job Outlook

A psychology transfer degree starts you on the journey toward successful employment in any number of rewarding fields. Psychology is one of the most popular majors in the United States, largely because it cultivates skills that will help you in a variety of careers. You will develop critical thinking, writing and research skills. You'll also learn how to cope with stress, shape healthy habits, understand how others' behavior is shaped by their culture and their personalities, and more.

Students who seek a career in psychology will move on to complete a bachelor’s degree and a master’s or doctoral degree, becoming fully able to participate as experts in the field. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can work in areas such as child care or residential rehabilitation. With a doctorate you can provide therapy, teach, do research or conduct testing.

Learn more about psychology's career opportunities, median salaries and job outlook by checking out AACC's Career Coach.

Transfer Partners and Scholarships

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Meet Associate Professor Jarred Jenkins

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Interests: Animals, volleyball, television, hiking

A Little More: For most of Jarred Jenkins’ life, volleyball has been an outlet. His favorite position to play is setter, whose job is to run the team’s offense and set the ball up for teammates. Jenkins sees some parallels between his role on a volleyball team and his role in the classroom.

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Study at Arundel Mills

Is Arundel Mills closer to you than Arnold? Then complete this program at AACC at Arundel Mills (AMIL). Located next to Arundel Mills mall, our AMIL location has student services as well as convenient parking with plenty of food and shopping options nearby. 

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