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Third Journal of Emerging Scholarship Released

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April 29, 2024

On April 26, AACC celebrated the release of the third edition of the Journal of Emerging Scholarship, a collection of undergraduate research by AACC students from disciplines across the college, including biology, environmental science, psychology and technology. Papers in the journal include:  

  • “Long-Term Effects of Cannabis Use on Behavioral Health and the Increased Propensity for Development of Psychiatric Disorders: A Literature Review,” by Kellie Biesecker  
  • “DNA Barcoding of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in the Chesapeake Bay Region,” by Kotah Budd and Daniel Castro 
  • “Educational Integration of Biofilm Research: Creating a Versatile Assay for Diverse Bacterial Species,” by Alex Hossainkhail, Ariana Ascherl, Shirin Haan, Olivia Walker and Biology Assistant Professor Sandy Fox-Moon, Ph.D. 
  • “Navigating Psychedelic Realms: The Significance of Set and Setting, Guided Journeys, and Recreational Use in Psilocybin’s Impact on Mental Health and Depression,” by Kellie Miller 
  • “El Niño/Southern Oscillation Analyses of Early 2020s Events,” by Bryant F. Pepe and Larissa M. Pasco 
  • “AI: A Tool for Artists or Will It Take Over?”, by Lianaís T.G. Rodríguez 
  • “Comparison of Water Quality Along the Two Creeks Bordering Anne Arundel Community College,” by Cailin Snider 
  • “3D Printing an Open-Source, Cost-Effective Didactic Human Skull Model: A Technical Report,” by Matt Zalikowski 

Faculty mentors include psychology Adjunct Professor Erin Kolarik; biology Associate Professor Julie Takacs, Ph.D.; biology Assistant Professor Sandy Fox-Moon, Ph.D.; anthropology Assistant Professor Amy Carattini, Ph.D.; physical science Professor Dan Ferandez; English Professor Garrett Brown, Ph.D.; biology Professor Tammy Domanski, Ph.D.; Instructional Specialist Tim Tumelty; and biology Professor Greg Schrader, Ph.D. 

“While we hope that our transfer-bound students who begin research projects at AACC will be inspired to continue this path at four-year institutions, all AACC students can benefit from the skills gained by engaging in research,” School of Science, Technology and Education Dean Lance Bowen, Ph.D., said during the event. “In addition to developing technical skills specific to a field of study, research develops skills which are widely in demand by industry employers, such as effective team collaboration, writing, presentation, analysis and critical thinking.” 

Students could work with their faculty mentors on existing projects or new topics, but they were intimately involved with the process and the final papers were their own. Each article in the journal was peer reviewed by an editorial board made up of AACC faculty and staff. 

The journal's cover features a photograph titled "Stream of Energy" by visual arts student Arden Miller.  

A copy of the journal is available upon request. 


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