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Positive Connections

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How can focusing on the good help us — not only in a pandemic, but in our daily lives? Join host Dan Baum as he talks with Erin Baldecchi and Sara Corckran about leveraging positive psychology to rediscover joy and make stronger connections through micro-moments.

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Our Guests

Erin Baldecchi and Sara Corckran

Erin Baldecchi and Sara Corckran

Erin Baldecchi and Sara Corckran are the founders of Happy YOUniversity. Together they have 40 years of educational experience as classroom teachers, curriculum writers, and administrators. Both Baldecchi and Corckran are certified in applied positive psychology from The Flourishing Center in New York and have IFC certification in coaching. They joined together to create Happy YOUniveristy with the mission to transform school communities to be social and emotional leaders. Happy YOUniversity's focus is on empowering faculty and administrators to unlock their joy, build resilience, foster connections and embrace a growth mindset. They have worked with schools, communities, sports teams, and individuals and are passionate about helping others live a more beautiful life.


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