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The Inevitable Surprise

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As we wrap up season four, host Dan Baum talks with podcast writer, Amy Willard, about the future of education, her next big adventure and saying goodbye (for now).

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Our Guest

Amy Carr Willard

Podcast writer, Amy Willard

When Amy Carr Willard was three, her granny began teaching her to read … out of self-defense. Bestowing the gift of literacy bought poor Granny a few precious minutes of peace. It also created a book-devouring monster.

Willard’s love for words and stories continues as she transitions from twenty-seven years as a communications professional to full-time writer/artist/gardener/mom.

Willard earned her B.A. in English from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and her M.A. in Writing, Creative Nonfiction from Johns Hopkins University. When she’s not ingesting a book (or sometimes while) she’s outside with her husband and sons: gardening, hiking or daydreaming in her hammock.

You can follow her garden adventures on the newly created Instagram account


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