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AACC is pleased to offer this two-course continuing education program twice a year—once in the winter term and once in the fall. The first course (part 1) is a 97-hour theory course held two evenings a week at Glen Burnie Town Center (GBTC). The second course is held on weekends and combines 64 hours of clinical work, with 24 hours of skills lab work. Both courses are approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing.       

What courses will I take?

Students must register and pay for both courses at the same time.  If you have already completed a Licensed Nurse Refresher theory course at AACC or the College of Southern Maryland, but have not completed the Licensed Nurse Refresher clinical portion, you can contact AACC to be put on a waiting list for the clinical; however, be advised that this course seldom has openings.

NRG-306 Licensed Nurse Refresher Part 1 – Theory

NSN-387 Licensed Nurse Refresher Part 2 – Clinical

NRN-521 Licensed Nurse Refresher (online)

What credentials can I earn?

Upon successful completion of both courses, students earn their nursing certification as well as an AACC continuing education certificate. Once you successfully complete all the course requirements of the certificate program with a passing grade or higher, submit a Student Application for a Continuing Education Certificate.

What is the job outlook?

Employment of registered nurses is expected to grow 13 percent through 2027, with the median salary of registered nurses is $74,000 per year.

Source: Emsi 2018.4

How do I enroll?

Register online, by mail or in person.

Step 1 - Before registering, you must have:

  • An active or inactive RN or LPN license in the state of Maryland
  • A current Basic Life Support Health Care Provider CPR card issued by the American Heart Association
  • Proof of professional liability insurance
  • A medical report indicating that you have the following vaccinations: MMR Titer Results, Varicella Titer Results, Hepatitis B Titer Results, Negative PPD or Chest X-ray, Tetanus, and Flu Shot

Step 2 - Make an appointment to meet with the Licensed Nurse Refresher program coordinator. You will need to meet the above requirements prior to coming in for an appointment.

Step 3 - Register for both NRG 306 and NSN 387 in person at the Glen Burnie Town Center. (This can usually be done upon conclusion of your meeting with the program coordinator.)

Notes: A background check for an additional fee of $38.50 is required for NSN 387 Licensed Nurse Refresher – Part 2 – Clinical. Plan to complete the paperwork required to initiate this process on first day of class. Payment will be due at that time.

Students registering for NRN 521 Licensed Nurse Refresher (Online) – Theory ONLY are allowed to register without completing steps 1-3. Students signing-up for NRN 521 do not need prior approval to register.

Students taking NRN 521 cannot sign-up for NSN 387 – Licensed Nurse Refresher Part 2 – Clinical until after they complete NRN 521 – Licensed Nurse Refresher (Online) – Theory.

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