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nurses bedside with patient


Successfully complete the courses below to acquire or update your skills in the area of nursing, medicine aide, phlebotomy, IV and venipuncture techniques, C.M./D.N. training in assisted living and medical terminology.

What courses will I take?

HLH-387 Introduction to Chemistry (online)

NRG-306 and NSN-387 Licensed Nurse Refresher: Part 1 and 2

NRN-319 Phlebotomy

NRN-325 Medicine Aide   

NRG-388 Medicine Aide Update

NRN-500 R.N., C.M./D.N. Training Program in Assisted Living

NRS-348 Basic IV Therapy/Venipuncture

DLC-323 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 (online)

DLC-307 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 (online)

HIC-500 Clinical Research Methods

WEL-510 Food, Nutrition and Health for Healthcare Providers (online)

HNS-510 Meditation Techniques (online)

HIC-534 Spanish for Medical Professionals 1

HIC-535 Spanish for Medical Professionals 2

How do I enroll?

Register online, by mail or in person.