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Radio Frequency Towers against a blue sky

The Radio Frequency Spectrum Management training course is an online, noncredit course designed for new and experienced spectrum managers and others who deal with spectrum-related matters. The course is comprehensive, covering the legal, regulatory and technical aspects of spectrum management in an easy-to-understand format. It's an ideal training resource for professionals working in related fields as engineers, software developers, system and network planners and technicians.

Anne Arundel Community College is the first college to offer this online training. Based on the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), this course may not be offered in every state. For information visit NC-SARA.

  • Course Description

    OCA-559 The course covers the treaty, legal, regulatory, and technical aspects of spectrum management processes such as frequency assignments and licensing, allocations, allotments, and certifications; spectrum sharing, technical standards, spectrum efficiency, measurements and monitoring, and current hot issues. The course covers the ITU, FCC, and NTIA processes, and spectrum management within selected federal agencies such as DOD, the FAA, and others. Normally highly technical topics such as spectrum math, propagation, antennas and the technical aspects of spectrum sharing are covered in a non-technical manner that is easily understandable. Numerous real-life spectrum management examples are presented throughout the course to enhance the learning process.

    • Course consists of 12 modules.
    • One module scheduled per week (Students work on each module at his/her convenient time).
    • Each module should take six to eight hours depending on a student's experience.
    • Short exam after each module.
  • Presenter

    The course is taught as a private venture by Adjunct Professor Fredrick Matos, who has over 30 years of spectrum management experience with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and other agencies.

    Norbert Schroeder, former spectrum manager at the Voice of America and NTIA, now retired, made valuable contributions to the course content.

  • Cost

    The course costs $636 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fees.

  • Credentials Earned

    • Continuing Education Units (CEU) awarded.