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You must join the partnership before registering for any of the PLP courses, which are open to members only. The standard tuition for a six- to eight-week course is $33. The cost for shorter courses and special events varies depending on length and other factors.


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Winter 2023

PRL-539 Contemporary Economic Issues: TED Talks, Facilitator: William Daney

PRL-532 History of Skiing, Facilitator: Bert Drake 

PRL-542 Life in the Solar System, Facilitator: Herb Frey

PRL-540 History of Diasporas, Facilitator: Stewart Moss

PRL-351 Writing About Your Life, Facilitator: Karen Kendra

PRC-355 Raise the Flag: A Study of Nationalist Composters, Facilitator: Jane Kraemer

PRL-541 What is Intelligence? Facilitator: Paul Schatzberg

PRL-543 Great Conversations, Facilitator: Rob McEachern

PRL-376 Exploration of Mars and the Search for Life, Facilitator: Herb Frey



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