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Once you have joined the partnership, you can register for PLP courses that are open to members only. You must join the partnership before registering for any of the PLP courses. The standard tuition for a six- to eight-week course is $33. The cost for shorter courses and special events varies depending on length and other factors.


All winter 2021 courses are online.

PLP-500 – PLP Membership

January Shorts

PRL-383 – Introduction to Yiddish Film, Facilitator: Jay Resnick

PRL-525 – The Climate Crisis on Mars, Venus and Earth, Facilitator: Bert Drake

Winter 2022

PRL-340 – Beethoven: The Man, the Myth and the Music, Facilitator: Matlida Kramer

PRL-351 – Writing About Your Life, Facilitator: Karen Kendra

PLC-373 – Great Conversations 1, Part 1, Facilitator: Robert McEachern

PRC-333 – Intro to WWII: Part 1, Facilitator: Dennis O. McGee

PRL-519 – Our Bodies: How to Live Better in Them, Facilitator: Paul Schatzberg

PRL-526 – The Global Water Cycle, Facilitator: Arnold Gruber

PRL-520 – Presidential Elections, Facilitators: Melvin Bender and Jerry May

PRL-521 – Immigration in American History, Facilitator: Margaret W. Brinsley

PRL-523 – Moons in the Solar System, Facilitator: Herbert Frey

PRL-524 – Yiddish Reading Circle, Facilitator: Jay A. Resnick 



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