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The Peer Learning Partnership (PLP) is a community of lifelong learners who share personal growth and enrichment opportunities through classes, discussion groups, cultural events and social activities.

Members manage this program and volunteer their time, skills and talents to gain and share knowledge of subjects that may not be conveniently available in academic or social institutions. Using a seminar or workshop format for learning, the PLP provides an interactive setting in which members have the opportunity to volunteer as facilitators. There are no academic requirements for membership and anyone 16 or older is welcome.

Become a PLP Member

Becoming a member of the PLP community requires a $30 membership fee that covers a six-month period (January through June or July through December). This membership allows students to enroll in courses and cultural activities. It also covers attendance at Fridays with Friends, a discussion group that explores current events, fine arts and literature, science and technology, economic issues, art history, history, fiction and nonfiction books, travel and films. Join the partnership — this will look like you are registering for a class, but it is how you pay your membership fee.

Enroll in PLP Courses

Once you have joined the partnership, you can register for PLP courses that are open to members only. You must join the partnership before registering for any of the PLP courses. The standard tuition for a six- to eight-week course is $30. The cost for shorter courses and special events varies depending on length and other factors.


All summer 2021 courses are online

PLP-500 – PLP Membership

Summer Term  

PLP-370 – The Story: Book to Screen Facilitator: Randall W. Pack NEW

PRL-390 – Robert Browning: The Dramatic Monologues Facilitator: Frank A. Capuzzi NEW

PRL-501 – Energy in Perspective Facilitator: Ted Lesster

PRL-510 – Queen Victoria's Children Facilitator: Jo Ann M. Rich

Participate in Cultural Outings

PLP offers excursions to cultural sites and events, such as museums, art exhibits, musical performances, etc. Members are eligible to sign up for these events at the rate charged by the venue (often discounted for PLP) plus a nominal fee for transportation provided by AACC.

Enjoy Social Activities

The PLP Hospitality and Outreach committee offers a social activity every month to which all members are invited. These include luncheons, picnics, holiday parties, theater outings, and similar activities. There is no cost for social events beyond what is charged by the venue (restaurant, theater, etc.).

Fridays with Friends

Members also can attend Friday with Friends programs for no additional charge. Every Friday, PLP offer two two-hour programs on a variety of topics in a variety of styles beginning at noon. Fridays with Friends groups include Current Events, Avid Book Readers, History, Science and Technology, Arts and Letters, the Film Forum, and Travel. The schedule for each Friday is posted on Tuesday afternoon.

First Fridays

Current Events: Share your ideas in discussions on contemporary issues and events occurring at the local, national and international levels.

PLP Potpourri: First Fridays are your opportunity to get involved in exploring and discussing a rich mix of subjects, ranging from previews of upcoming PLP courses to inspirational and challenging topics drawn from TED Talks, Great Courses, TV documentaries and other sources. Topics, presenters, media and presentation styles vary from session to session, providing a great forum for members to share their interests.

Second Fridays

Science and Technology: Explore the latest scientific discoveries and technological advances from dynamic presenters.

Arts and Letters: Explore the fine arts, from music and drama to painting and poetry.  Each month examine a different genre, theme, or artist, experience a filmed performance, or participate in lively discussions about art and creativity.

Third Fridays

Avid Readers: Share ideas by reading recent notable fiction or selections from classical literature and enjoy the lively discussion led by members.

Film Forum: View art movies, foreign films and outstanding classics, followed by a lively, free flowing discussion based on reflections and insights.

Fourth Fridays

History: Learn about important and little know aspects of ancient and more recent international, national and local history.

Travel: Expand your perspective on other places around the country and around the globe with presentations from people who have been there. Participants share their adventures with photos and videos and sometimes plan group trips.

Fifth Fridays

Art History:  Discussions, presentations and videos on artists, exhibits and museums.  View the works of the masters and discuss what makes them great.

Facilitators' Idea Exchange:  Facilitators and members share ideas and techniques on media and methods, course development, and new course topics and approaches.


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