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Members manage this program and volunteer their time, skills and talents to gain and share knowledge of subjects that may not be conveniently available in academic or social institutions. Using a seminar or workshop format for learning, the PLP provides an interactive setting in which members have the opportunity to volunteer as facilitators. There are no academic requirements for membership and anyone 16 or older is welcome.

Become a PLP Member

Becoming a member of the PLP community requires a $30 membership fee that covers a six-month period (January through June or July through December). This membership allows students to enroll in courses and cultural activities. It also covers attendance at Fridays with Friends, a discussion group that explores current events, fine arts and literature, science and technology, economic issues, art history, history, fiction and nonfiction books, travel and films. Join the partnership — this will look like you are registering for a class, but it is how you pay your membership fee.


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