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If you’ve attended any other colleges, submitting your official transcripts is a critical step in the AACC admissions process.

Not only do your transcripts help us award any transfer credit you’ve earned, they also must be submitted before you can be considered for any financial aid or scholarships.

What counts as an official college transcript?

You'll need to request an official transcript from your previous institution. Check the institution's website for an online transcript request form, or call or email the institution's registrar or records office to learn how to request your transcript. The transcript must be current, meaning AACC must receive it within one year of the date it was printed and sealed.

Official transcripts are documents produced by the registrar;s office in a secure way. Whether issued as secure electronic documents or printed on special security paper, official transcripts help assure the receiver that the document is authentic and the content accurate.

AACC considers a document official if one of the following is true:

  1. It is received electronically through a third party transcript servicer.
  2. It is received electronically directly from the institution via a secure document retrieval system.
  3. it is received via mail directly from the institution. 
  4. It is dropped off at the office unopened and signed/stamped across the flap by the sending institution.

Documents received as email attachments from any source are not secure and are considered unofficial.

How to submit your official transcripts

You need to have your official transcript from every institution you attended sent to AACC at the time of admission. Transcripts sent via mail may face significant delays, so we encourage students to submit transcripts electronically at this time.

Most institutions offer official electronic PDF transcripts. Official electronic documents must be submitted from the institution through a third party transcript service (Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, Scribbles, etc.). Some schools have internal transcript delivery services that also meet official requirements. In either case, have the institution indicate as the recipient. 

Paper documents submitted directly from a student must be in a sealed envelope that is signed or stamped across the back flap by the appropriate official/sending institution. If the envelope is open or there is no stamp or signature across the back flap, the document is considered unofficial.  

Submitting transcripts from institutions outside the U.S.

Students who attended a college outside of the U.S. must submit an evaluation from one of the accepted credentialing services:

What if my previous college has closed?

If your previous school is now closed, here are some tips for locating your records:

How will my transcript be used?

Within 30 days of receiving your official transcripts, the records office will work with academic departments to evaluate your transcript for transfer credit. Check your MyAACC student portal to view your transfer credit summary under Menu > Self Services > Credit Students > Academics (the little graduation hat icon) > Institutions Attended. Click “Expand all” to see specific coursework from each institution.  

Regardless of academic performance at a previous institution, AACC is required by the U.S. Department of Education to use this information when determining eligibility for financial aid at AACC.


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