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The Choice

Outline of mother and child surrounded by storms, illustration by Ben Pierce

Lightning strikes and our lives are forever changed. How do we handle that kind of change? How do we redefine ourselves? Robin Ward tells us her powerful story and Lori Perez, Ed.D., explains what psychology says about the way humans change.

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Our Guests

Robin and Corey Ward

Robin and Corey Ward giving a thumbs up.

Robin Ward is a graphic designer in the office of Strategic Communications at Anne Arundel Community College, and mom to Corey. When she and Corey aren’t traveling the roads for multisport events, she enjoys being with friends, entertaining and attending auctions.

Corey Ward is Robin’s daughter, an Athletes Serving Athletes and TEAM 360 athlete, a lover of music, friends and shopping. Corey attends a day program at Opportunity Builders Incorporated in Millersville.

Lori Perez, Ed.D.

Lori Perez, Psychology chair, in an apple orchard

Lori Perez, Ed.D., is a nationally-certified school psychologist specializing in early intervention and the neuropsychological origins of learning disorders. She is a professor of Psychology at Anne Arundel Community College and the Executive Director of the Educational Resource Group. Perez has presented and published at both the local and national levels and has served as an educational consultant to various school districts across the country.


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